Find your Credit Score

Finding your creditworthiness

Discover what financial information is stored in your file and how likely it is to access credit. they' re not going to tell you what your score is, but if you ask them, they have to tell you what credit agency they used to get the information about you. How can your credit request be rejected? How can your credit claim be rejected? Detailed information on our complaints procedure can be obtained from your nearest office.

The complaint must be filed within 30 working days of our credit approval and you should provide us with any information that you believe will support your complaint. Remember, if your situation has not improved since your last job interview, our decisions are unlikely to do so.

Our credit bureau will keep the information that we have provided about you in the files, and if another creditor uses the same credit bureau, he will also inform you about our research. Requesting credit from another creditor also affects your creditworthiness. Equifax, Callcredit and Experian are the major credit bureaus in the United Kingdom.

The information is used in your credit information (also known as credit file).

Try always to make at least the minimal payment on each credit item you have on a timely basis. Lack of or delayed payment (including to your carrier ) can often be recorded on your credit reports, which can affect your ability to obtain credit in the near-term. A simple way to prevent delayed payment is to create a direct debit.

If you have a credit or debitcard with a £5,000 credit or debit line but never use it. When you disagree with something in your account, let the credit bureau know immediately. It is also possible to ask to include a notice in your credit reports if past credit issues are due to particular conditions.

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