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The Goad Fire Insurance Plans are unique primary source materials that in many cases capture undocumented information about buildings, land use and urban development. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this! Last night my cousin, who recently became widowed, had a house fire. Safeguard your home and property from fire damage by ensuring that you have adequate household insurance.

Intensive industrial expansion in the UK's northern industrial centres led to a new need for detailed maps of city structure and use.

Intensive economic expansion in the industrialised UK led to a new need for detailed maps of city structure and onshore use. High densities of buildings and hazardous industries in these centers made the occurrence of fires more likely and posed a high threat to business interests.

Chas E Goad Co. was not the first to manufacture cards to help insurance firms assess fire risk, but it was the biggest and most productive such project in the UK. Extensive blueprints of metropolitan areas - eight pages in area for Dover and over 500 for London - include floor layouts and address lists for each of the buildings, their use (commercial, housing, education, etc.) and the elevation of the buildings.

Building material was singled out (and thus their burn hazard), as were particular fire risks such as chemical substances, stoves andoves. Width of roads, address and closeness of fire brigade and utilities appear. Particular emphasis was placed on high-risk industries such as plants and windmills, storage halls and harbour/transport areas.

The on-line exhibit covers the first issues of most cities, with the exception of the Manchester Ship's Channel and Freight Forwarding Warehouse Drawings (maps 145.b.17.(5) and 145.b.18.(1) and Paisley (maps 145.b.18.(2)). Legend for interpreting the many characters and icons on the cards can be found in the "Key Plan" for each band.

UK fire insurance plans. Chu''s E. Goad, 1984.

No insurance!!

When the electric error was due to someone else's carelessness, then they could possibly take action against them. Did they rent the place, have there been any electric work lately? Recently I had a case of damage from a lady who had accidentally and uninsured the whole content of her home in a fire.

and her little kitty too was killed. Nothing I could do to help her because it was due to DIY, but it just makes me so upset.

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