First House Loan

The first housing loan

When you are saving towards your first home, you can get some help to buy: Home loan for the purchase of real estate in Cyprus With our home loan products you can make your dream come true, whether you are buying an already built house or an already built one. In case you have not resided in Cyprus on a permanent basis for the last 5 years but are interested in a home loan, please contact one of our Bank of Cyprus offices to find out about the possibilities available to you.

Amount of loan: Up to 80% of the value of the real estate can be borrowed. A reprieve: When your house: under building, you can choose not to make any installments until your house is complete (for a 2 year term maximum), or you can choose to make interest payments only for the first 2 years of the loan. Once your house: under building, you can choose to make a low installment for the first 2 years that corresponds to your interest for that term.

When your loan has a floating interest payment, you can adjust the amount of the interest payment and the amount of the installments according to your ability to repay. It is possible to decide to take out a loan in EUR or another denomination. Type of interest rate: The interest rates you can select between: a 3 to 5 year interest fixation ( only available if the loan is expressed in EUR ).

At the end of the term you have chosen for the loan ends, the interest returns to a floating interest at the basic interest rate of the Bank for Home Loan or the Euribor 6-month interest rates, a floating interest for the whole term of the loan. When your loan is in euros, you can choose either the basic interest rates of the bank for home loan or the Euribor 6-month interest rates.

When it is in another denomination, the interest is the Libor 6-month interest rat. Maturity of the repayment: Fifteen years for a decision in favour of a floating interest or ten years for a decision in favour of a floating interest. When something unanticipated happens, you can defer payment of your installment at any time up to twice a year and a grand total of 24 times in the course of your loan.

The Green Housing Loan: This is why we have launched the Green Housing Loan. When your house or flat has a category A building certificate, the bank charges (handling and documentation charges) will not be charged.

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