First premier Credit Card

The first premium credit card

First Premier Card is a refreshing recording on the plastic you keep in your wallet. The First Premier Bank Master Card is a type of secured credit card. PREMIER Bank One, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Premier Card

Do prepaid calling plans work just like credit or debit card? The prepaid card looks like a credit or debit card, but is actually very different. It works like pay-as-you-go cell phone, where you can only use what you have downloaded. So every token you use to buy something or draw money from an ATM is subtracted from your available credit.

If there'?s a shortage of money, it has to be replenished. Would you like all the above plus the possibility to use the card on-line and on the main road - it is a Mastercard card, so it is as easily accepted in stores as a Mastercard credit or debit card. Purchasing and using a First Premier card is simple.

Simple: 1. buy your card on this website. Yeah, there's no credit line with the card, so there's no credit checking. So long as we can successfully verify your ID and you are over 18 years old and domiciled in the UK, you can request a card! What do you do to put cash on the deck?

There are several ways to recharge your card: Charging limit and max credit you can keep on your card. There are no charges for verifying your credit and statement of account on-line, but there are charges associated with your Prepaid Card, see the Charges Chart for more information.

Does my card work abroad? How soon will I receive my card PIN? When you call to enable your card, your card number will be displayed with your number. What time does it take for a card to get here? The card will be sent to your home within 7-10 business workingdays from the application date.

When you top up your card with a PayPoint account with real currency, the balance is usually immediately available. When you top up at the post office, the monies are available within 1 business working. Loadings that take place via permanent order, BACS or payroll transfers take 3 workingdays. Freight provided on-line is available within a few workinghours after loading.

And who can top up my prepaid card? Everybody can add funds to your card by means of a permanent order. Just give them your card number and the order detail. But only the card holder can top up the card on-line, at paypoint kiosks or at the post office. You can, however, check your account balances and your trades free of cost via this links.

Can I order a spare card? How do I get a spare card? Immediately after receipt, you must autograph your card. You will find further information in your new map. What can I do to unsubscribe from a card? Except where you have caused us to wire money not used to another card administered by us, we will ensure that the money on your canceled card is returned to you (by mailing a check or BACS to your last residential location ) once all transaction and charges have been subtracted, together with the return charge.

If my card is misplaced or theft occurs, what happens? Deal with your card like real purse currency. When it is thrown away or theft, you can loose some or all of the currency on it as if you had thrown away your purse. Therefore, you must store your card securely and must not have it used by third parties.

In case your card is misplaced or theft occurs, you must contact us as soon as possible. We' ll block your card then. You will receive a new card within 7-10 business workingdays. Remember that all monies will be credited to your new card.

When my card runs out, what happens? You will be billed the extension charge for your spare card 21 working days before your card is due to expiry.

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