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Learn about stamp duty for first-time buyers and exemption rules. For the first time, we have specialized programs for home buyers, as well as for low and middle income borrowers. A lot of customers come to us because we offer a lot of programs for first time buyers.

You' re purchasing your first house? You can count on our team!

You' re purchasing your first house? The purchase of your first house is a great landmark and a joyful event. Lots of credit programmes. Years of experience with first-time merchants. A lot of customers come to us because we provide many programmes for first time purchasers. We take the time to accompany you and help you understand the variety of credit options available to you and help you benchmark the different features of each credit programme.

First-time home buyer lending programs: When you buy your first home, you have many mortgages Options, incl. low down payments and FHA mortgages. An efficient first time buyer tools, a pre-approval says to home vendors that your funding is secure, which boosts your bargaining strength. Advance approvals also save you time, as you can only view apartments that match your budget.

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First-time homebuyer mortgage.

They offer the certainty of immovable loan repayments until an arranged date, regardless of interest rates. The interest rates you are paying on these loans are floating and an interest margin is set above the Bank of England's base interest rates. If the base interest increases and decreases, your interest rates will follow these changes, which will have a corresponding effect on your montly payment.

In the year in which the ERC is in force, you will receive an annuity yearly. This is the amount you can pay in addition to your regular payment. In the event that you are in excess of your excess yearly payment amount, you will be billed an ERC on the excess yearly payment amount that you have made.

When an ERC is available, this is illustrated both on your Key Facts Figure (KFI) and on your mortgages offer. You can repossess your home if you do not maintain your mortgages.

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