First Time home Owner Mortgage

New homeowner mortgage

A number of lenders offer mortgages designed to help first-time buyers get onto the real estate ladder. Please contact us now to begin your journey to the homeowner. First-time buyers are underestimating the amount of the purchase.

One of the main costs of purchasing a house is savings on the security bond and this will remain the number one barrier for one in three (34%) first-time purchasers. The latest study, however, shows that potential shoppers do not estimate how much they will need for their first payment, with the goal of achieving an avarage savings of £34,3972.

First-time shoppers who want to buy in the UK's capitol are targeting an £48,000 savings target, although officials actually show that the £123,000 is more than twice the amount of the 75,000 figure, which would mean they would miss out on £75,000. Potential first-time purchasers will also appreciate the time they need to make this payment.

Nearly three-fifths (58%) believe that they can achieve this target within five years, while in fact only half (51%) of the youngest first-time purchasers have achieved their target within this time and in fact over every seventh (16%) have taken over eight years to achieve it. To be more precise, more than a fourth of those (26%) who have purchased in the last three years have also seen this, which shows how vulnerable first-time purchasers are in the present living space.

First-time mortgage buyer - Glasgow Credit Union

There are a number of mortgage types that are suitable for first time purchasers and are available with a down payment of only 5%. The mortgage teams have assisted several hundred first-time purchasers in Glasgow to get onto the real estate managers. From the first inquiry to handing over the keys and beyond, your personal mortgage advisor is there for you.

There are also mortgage options available in connection with a number of shared equity programmes specifically designed to help first-time purchasers find their own home. Sometimes you could become a house owner of only 1,000 pounds deposited. There are no setup charges and our mortgage warranty guarantees that we will provide you with the best possible services or that we will give you £100!

There may be a higher rental fee according to the amount you wish to lend and the value / value of your real estate. Our calculation is 0.5% of the value of the LTV loans between 85% and 90% and 1% of the value of the LTV loans above 90%. An early payment penalty of 2% will be levied during the action date time frame.

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