Fix you Credit

Repair your balance

Maybe you need a little extra credit to finance do-it-yourself work. FIX: You cannot use pipelined items to obtain credit cards numbers in a Commerce Server 2009 enviroment. Use the following troubleshooting tool to troubleshoot this issue. Once you have completed the process of installing this fix, you can obtain the credit cards numbers of pipelined component. See the Install How-To section to finish installing this hotspot.

The purpose of this fix is to fix only the issue that is described in this article. However, this fix is not designed to fix anything.

You should try to make sure that you are not applying this fix to a system that is causing the issue that is described in this article. 3. There may be extra tests for this fix. Therefore, if you are not seriously affected by this issue, we strongly suggest that you await the next available soft patch fix that contains this hotspot. At the top of this Knowledge Base article, there is a "Hotfix Available to Download" section if the fix is available for downloading.

If you experience more problems or need to troubleshoot, you may need to make a special maintenance requirement. Typical technical assistance charges include extra technical assistance fees for problems not covered by this particular hotspot. The Available to Hotfix Downloads dialog box shows the list of available language versions for which the tool is available.

The reason you don't see your locale is that a hotspot is not available for that locale. Removing this hotspot may cause a pop-up window to ask you to close some of your apps before you can proceed with the removing procedure. Removing this hotspot may display the Commerce Server 2007 Startup menu again.

You must have Commerce Server 2009 up and running to be able to apply it. In order to finish installing this hotspot, perform the following steps: Opens a prompt box for Commerce Server Tools. In order to create a new set of keys, issue the following instruction and then hit ENTER: To insert the keys to the registration, issue the following instruction and then hit ENTER: Make the following changes to the Web application setting item. web-config file for your website:

Provides the credit voucher number and validating key of the Checkout PCF pipelined for credit voucher authorisation. In order to use the Full Encrypt and Decrypt mode, insert the following configurations rows in the App Setting item of the Web. configuration for your website: If you select this checkbox, the encoded credit number and the verification key remain in the credit CardPayment area.

In order to use the Encrypt Only state, insert the following configuration rows in the App Setting item of the Web. configuration for your Web site: If you do not make any changes to the Web configuration files, the issue described in the Symptoms section will still occur.

There is no need to reboot your computer after you have applied this fix. You must, however, reboot Internet Information Service (IIS) after you have applied this fix. In order to reboot JIS, open a prompt box, issue the following instruction, then hit ENTER: This will stop and then reboot all current JIS servers.

Describes how this fix does not supersede a previously published fix. At the end of this release, the following table lists the filename properties (or later filename properties) that are included in this release. If you display the information in the list, it is transformed into locale information. 504850,74430-Nov-201017:39Note Due to the dependency of certain types of data, the last fix that contains these data may contain extra data.

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