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You can also see when you have reviewed your own report. Grab your Credit Fix package and start fixing your own credit today. The majority of companies allow you to set up a fixed payment of your choice. When you own your own business, you may be able to obtain credit for business goods and services.

Creditworthiness - Effects of an individually negotiated agreement

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a formally and lawfully agreed arrangement between you and your lenders to repay your debt over a specified term. A IVA must be established by an administrator in bankruptcy. A IVA can be adaptable to meet your needs, but it can be costly and there are risk factors to consider.

On this page you will learn how an Investment Guarantee can affect your creditworthiness and your ability to obtain credit in the near and distant future. Click here for more information. When you have an affiliate loan, you may find it hard to obtain short-term loans. Possibly you can get credit for home effects and home care products. When you own your own company, you may be able to obtain credit for commercial goods and service.

To obtain more than 500 credit, you must obtain prior authorisation in writing from your liquidator, unless the credit is for utility companies such as utility companies such as utility companies, utility companies such as utility companies such as water, natural Gas or power. What information do you provide to lenders about the IVA? Detailed information on the individual bankruptcy registers is kept in a separate official registry.

Your IVA detail remains in the registry for the duration of the IVA. If you make a credit application, the lender can review this registry. Credit bureaus also store the particulars of the IVA in their credit reports. Lenders will review your creditworthiness on your credit report before they agree to grant you credit.

Is an IVA going to influence your creditworthiness in the long run? After completion of the IVA, your data will be deleted from the individual insolvency register after three month. Detailed information on the IVA will be recorded in your credit record for six years from the start of the IVA.

When you need more credit in the near future, an IVA may not be the right credit for you. But if you are fighting to repay your present level of indebtedness, you should try to borrow more of it. Further information on the Insolvency Register can be found in the Insolvency Service brochure at

The individual insolvency register can be consulted free of cost either on the website of the Insolvency Service at or at the insolvency administrator's premises. Further information can be found on the website of the Insolvency Service at or on the telephone number of the Insolvency Service at 0300 678 0015.

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