Fixed Price Mortgage Deals

Mortgage transactions at fixed prices

High fees: If you arrange a five-year fixed-rate mortgage, you usually have to pay a fee. When interest rates rise, a fixed-rate mortgage works in your favour. The price of home loans is rising. You will only be charged a fee if you decide to apply for a mortgage through us. However, with such security comes an obligation, and with such a long solution you may find it difficult to move home or remortgage until your business has finished its course.

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You will need to make a minimal payment of 10% of the total amount of the order. £165,096 mortgage. Paying over 30 years, first at a fixed interest for 5 years at 2. 79% and then at our standard variable interest of 5. 24% for the remainder 25 years, would involve 60 months payment of £680.

and a mortgage fund approval charge of £25.00. If you are taking out extra funding, a reassessment may be necessary if the value of your real estate has altered since we took out your original mortgage. You may need a full default appraisal if significant changes have been made to your real estate, take a look at our guidelines for more information.

This is the fee that applies to your mortgage if you want to make an overpayment or early payback. May I make an overpayment? During your fixed interest cycle, you can make up to 10% overpayment of your mortgage credit during any 12-month cycle without having to make an early payment fee.

At any time if you decide to enter into a new mortgage transaction with us, we will use this amount and date to compute your excess payment. When you change your borrower or mortgage with us, or change your mortgage before the end of the fixed-rate period, you must make an early redemption payment of....:

When you move during the fixed-rate period, you can carry over the outstanding amount and residual maturity of the fixed-rate mortgage to your next home without incurring a fine. At the end of my fixed-rate contract, what happens? By the end of the fixed-rate period, your mortgage falls back on our Cambridge Variable Mortgage and you are paying our Standard Variable Rates for the rest of the year.

As of this date, you can make any number of excess payments without suffering prepayment penalties. Prior to agreeing your mortgage, we must determine that you can pay the amount due each month. The mortgage is available for home purchases, debt rescheduling, changing products and taking out extra credit.

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