Fixed Rate Mortgage Rates

Mortgage interest at fixed rates

The lender undertakes to grant you a short-term special interest rate in return for the signature. Mortgages, see how YBS can help you. Which are fixed-rate mortgage loans? With a fixed-rate mortgage, your interest rate and the amount you are paying each and every mortgage every month stay the same across the fixed-rate range. As a rule, these are 2, 3 or 5 years - although mortgage lenders have different fixed interest rates.

Mortgage loans with fixed interest rates are different from floating rate loans, where the interest rate may fluctuate during the life of the mortgage, which means that your mortgage payment will also fluctuate.

If my fixed interest rate expires, what happens? If the fixed interest rate of a fixed-rate mortgage ends, you will return to our standard variable interest rate unless you decide to change to a new mortgage. Before your fixed-rate mortgage transaction ends, you will have the chance to discover the other mortgage transactions that we are currently offering and find the right one for you.

Which are the advantages of a fixed-rate mortgage? Your mortgage interest rate will not fluctuate over a certain amount of your life, regardless of what happens to interest rates elsewhere. But you will miss any decline in your monthly payments if interest rates elsewhere fall during the fixed interest rate can.

At the end of the 2, 3, 5 and 10 year* periods* we provide a variety of fixed-rate mortgage options, with the interest rate reverting to our respective standard variable rate. Prepayment penalties are due during the fixed interest rate term. The fixed conditions we provide may change from occasion to occasion according to the product on display.

And if you want the certainty of having a fixed interest rate for a certain amount of money and the certainty of a fixed rate mortgage for a certain amount of your life*, you may find that a fixed rate mortgage offers you more protection.

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