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Private credit flexible: Is it profitable to pay more?

Halifax and Lloyds Bank both introduced flex personal lending last weekend, but are the additional functions really adding value? In the first few weeks of 2014, creditors waged a retail credit pricing battle. The best buying rate has dropped to only 4.5% on between £7,500 and 15,000 loan repayments over three years at Sainsbury's Bank.

However, not all creditors compete for the prize; some try to lure borrower with flexibility functions. Aggregate loan instalment is 5.9% for between £7,000 and 15,000 repayable between one and seven years. Had you lent yourself 7,500 pounds over five years, you'd be paying 144 pounds. This is £8,656. 20 in all, which includes interest of £1,156.20.

Borrower making an overpayment can both reduce the overall interest they are paying and repay the loan faster. It' s noteworthy that the Halifax Clarity Loan is not accessible to everyone - you need a checking account, mortgages, passbooks, bank cards or loans with Halifax to be entitled.

Lloyds' flexible loan provides similar functionality to Halifax' Clarity Loan. Clients who take out the Flexible Loan can make any number of extra repayments and pay back their loan at any point with no extra interest on it. Total Flexible Loan installment is 7.4%, 1.5% more than Halifax's offer.

However, if you have had a Lloyds checking account for more than five years, it will deduct 1% from this price and fall to 6.4%. FlexiLoans are available for between £7,500 and 25,000 over a period of one to five years and you must have a Lloyds checking account for at least three month to be eligible.

Clients lending 7,500 over five years at 6.4% would be paying 145.92 pounds per annum, a figure of 8,755 pounds per year. of £1,255.20. Interest has fallen to an all-time low elsewhere in the personal loan markets as creditors are competing for deal. Sainsbury's bank this weeks hit the heading rate on its personal lending between £7,500 and 15,000 to just 4. 5% cut to redemption conditions from one to three years.

The maturities of four to five years have an announced ratio of 4.6%. One £7,500 loan paid back over five years at 4.6% would be £139. 84 a months, a figure equivalent to a combined amount of £8,390. Forty, plus a £890.40 interestroll. Eighty in interest as if you'd taken the Lloyds loan.

In comparison to the Halifax loan you would be saving £265.80. Like Lloyds and Halifax, however, Sainsbury's Bank only offers its best tariffs to faithful customers: they need a nectar map and have used it either in the shop or on-line at Sainsbury's over the last six month. Other M&S Bank, Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank, Zopa, Tesco Bank and AA all have deal sizes between 4.7 and 4.9%.

The majority of personal loan facilities, as well as Sainsbury's most recent offer, are subjected to a comparison commission if you wish to prepay the loan. According to the Consumer Credit Regulation (Early Settlement) 2004, creditors may calculate interest on the balance for up to 58 trading days if they wish to fully reimburse the loan before the end of the stipulated time.

That means that some borrower may end up having to pay fees that exceed the amount of interest they would have been saving by prepaying the loan, especially if they repay a large amount. Does it pay to pay separately for flexibility? If it is profitable to pay a higher interest for Lloyds or Halifax flexibility depends on whether you will use them.

When you think that it is likely that you want to make an overpayment or repay the whole loan early, then it might be valuable the additional outlay. But if you don't anticipate having any additional money more than usual during the life of the loan, you'll be better off choosing only the low interest you can get.

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