Free Annual Credit Report Form

Free-of-charge form for the annual credit report

Alternatively, complete the annual credit report application form and mail it to us: Not a credit card required. are the best for this, both are free). Application form for the annual credit report. Yearly Credit Report com Home Page.

Registration under intellectual property law | Cifas

Afraid your personally identifiable information has been compromised? There is a danger that you will become a target of ID theft. As soon as you have a security registration, we will place a banner next to your name and your personally identifiable information in our secured national scam database. Protecting registry provides security and reduces the chance of becoming a scam vendor.

So if you are applying for finance goods and provision of finance related activities, the procedure may take a little longer than before, as additional verification of your data will be carried out. Enterprises registered in our data base may also contact you to carry out these audits before handling your job offer.

The information provided by Cifas will not be used to determine your creditworthiness, but will be used solely to prevent and detect frauds. In order to shorten the additional handling times and minimise the chance of cheating, some businesses may take the request and liaise with you individually to make sure that it is from you.

As a result, delays are minimized and you continue to be protected against scams. Perhaps you would like to consider an alarm to monitor credit reports as an option to registering for protection. In order to register, please fill in the registration form or call us at 0330 100 0180 (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on weekend and public holiday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Because Cifas members perform additional controls to verify your identities, real requests for new finance or credit may take longer than normal. It does not handle credit or debit cards and therefore does not cause any delay in current finance product delivery.

Even if you have registered for protection, you should still review your credit report on a regular basis. If you wish to have your data updated at any given moment, such as a modification of your postal adress, or if you wish to cancel your subscription, please call us at 0330 100 0180. If not, it will lapse at the end of the two-year term and the alert message will be deleted from your name and your name.

Notice: Each individual at one of the addresses who wants to be registered must log in seperately. Stay at the place for which you are applying for registration. If, however, you own a home in the UK where you do not reside (e.g. if you reside abroad) and your data is at risk, you can record that particular adress.

You will need to log in again to extend your subscription. However, the protection registry is most efficient in the first few month after the disappearance of your personally identifiable information. Scammers try to get the most out of the information before the scam is discovered and the victim's information is safeguarded.

Continued use of protection registration after the threats have decreased degrades the performance as more application scans are required, making it more difficult to pinpoint the most vulnerable. The protection registration does not function as an "insurance policy" against fraudulent identification and is therefore not renewed on a routine basis after two years.

Your privacy is very important to us. Every year independently conducted safety tests are carried out and the installations are ISO 27001 certified.

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