Free Annual Credit Report Transunion

Complimentary annual credit report Transunion

You can get your credit report free of charge in Canada by contacting Equifax by mail. Obtain copies of your credit report once a year to ensure they are accurate. Oath and our partner offer you better advertising experience.

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Fair Credit Reporting Act protects your legal privileges. It is one of your privileges to be able to review your credit report & complain about imprecise, obsolete, imperfect and not verifiable positions. Every year you can get a FREE credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion at or you can turn to the credit bureau and buy a credit report from them.

Join today & let Sterling Credit Group not only fix your credit, but also your world!

asked Southern Africans to review TransUnion's credit records.

Following last week's leaking information, which brought to light a wealth of information regarding vulnerable consumer issues in Southern Africa, TransUnion now offers a free ID tool to help customers understand changes to their TransUnion credit reporting. Trans-Union is encouraging all credit protection among end-users to help preserve their credit profiles by using the free alerts feature offered with a number of its credit reporting services, which includes the free annual credit report.

After activation, the free alerts feature monitors the consumer's account until the end of January 2018 and for no further periods thereafter. Alerts provides a user with alerts via text message or e-mail of changes to a credit report, which include requests and new billing patterns. "A privacy violation does not necessarily lead to ID thievery, but there are a number of safeguards you can take if you have been part of a privacy violation or if you have cause to worry about your privacy at any time," said Lee Naik, Chief Executive Officer of TransUnion Africa.

"Whilst ID fraud can occur in different ways, a shared mode for robbers is to use the victim's ID to buy goods and provide credit related value. Often the casualties don't know until a few month later, when their bank is far behind and other credit cards have been opened in their name," Naik states.

"Alerts can help users identify ID fraud early and minimize the effects of the violation. Knowing in such cases is really powerful and we are encouraging all users to sign up for the alerts service," Naik concluded.

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