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Each year a trust report is published, which you can read here. Sixteen fanciful annual report themes The annual report is the basic requirement for designing work all over the globe. However, annual reporting doesn't have to be boring, as Human After All's breathtaking Digital Cinema Media annual report shows above and the fine samples below. Whether it's printing technology, stop-motion animations, sophisticated info graphics, eye-catching color schemes, or the sophisticated incorporation of stylish free type, a brilliant business report can be at the forefront of your graphics designs and at the top of your business mix.

We' ve here some of our most popular annual accounts to curate to get your own inspiration for your own everyday work..... The 2017 Annual Report of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which is sure to stand out with its finite, trendy range, was designed as a loving note to the big screen and an obde to a prestigious film organization.

In Blok Designs brave verb and surprise concept - like "Inspire time" and "Shift dreams/reality" - were combined to catch the TIFF mind and tell the remainder of the report about filmedesign. Taiwan' s O-right hair care label is dedicated to sustainable hair care and is making this clear in this valuable but green report it has prepared.

Incorporating 100 percent recyclable plastics and engineered wood, the award-winning report consists of three brochures that focus on the sustainable use of soil, ocean and forest, with handcrafted weave and hand-drawn living space artwork on the back. The MailChimp Annual Report 2016, which is known for its funny and fanciful design, is no different.

It is Kickstarter Group' s policy to avoid print annual reporting and it prefers to present its 2016 Annual Report on a fully featured website. It is therefore not surprising that the information technologies distribution company ALSO appointed the Board of Directors for its 2016 Annual Report. STRICHPUNKT DESIGN's shareholder design team was presented with a VR header set and an illustrative posters package, with the annual report application showing 360-degree video clips of affiliates, clients and employees as well as a set of enhanced realistic KPIs.

No wonder the ALSO communication product, which reflects ALSO's core businesses to perfection, won a Red Dot Award for communication excellence. As one of the largest Swiss tourist offices, Kuoni does not get bored with its annual accounts. Enjoying so much traveling, the NOORD creative studio has created this beautiful photo volume to show what has already been happening in the 2014 year.

This special annual report won the iF for Communication 2016 prize. The year 2015 was an epic year for Wordpress's Flywheel web site where one of the co-founders had the company's corporate identity permanent tattooed onto his underarm. In celebration of this awesome act of engagement, Flywheel has put together a free collection of temp ink that summarizes what the business has done this year.

After setting this unprecedented example, a free designer T-shirt contest followed in 2016 on the 2016 Annual Report page, which itself is a nice, parallax-like scroll website. Clear Media's Hongkong ad group's annual report, which received the Red Dot Award 2015 for Communications Layout, is wonderfully laser-cut and takes the reader on a lively journey through the company's vision and core beliefs.

The report, created by Phoenix Communications, was entitled "Our Space, Your Stage" and featured various panel presentations that provided a platform for customers' own branding capabilities. Rounded off by an acryl foil on the front page lid, the reader could see all the shifts working together and being merged into a nice image when closing the report.

Sonae is one of the largest retailers in Portugal and attaches great importance to its annual reporting. Ivity Brand Corp. designed the Sonae 2012 management report for Sonae, focusing on the Sonae graphical mantrams. Ivity Brand Corp. decided that the mechanism of emotions was about retailing and produced a vibrant report that skilfully depicted everything Sonae stood for, with meshing gearwheels and gearwheels.

Recognising the need to focus on (and achieve) expansion, it makes perfect business case that an annual report is not enough for Adris. This annual report consists of four volumes - one for Adris and one for each of the three companies he has successfully built (TDR, Maistra and Cromaris). This 2012-2013 report for the Banques aliphentaires Qu├ębec feed bank chain, which gave a genuine impetus to dull dates, presented its annual summary as a metal can - the acknowledged icon of a gift of foodstuffs.

Using creative art to communicate the association's mission, Albertini Romain used a tag that rolled up to unveil information imprinted in strong contrast blacks and amber. This 2012 report for the 2012 edition of the Seguros Pelayo company, a company that reports on facts, numbers and other company information from the Madrid Biografica studios, shows everything from cut-out numbers to an improvised paper soccer game all supplied in stop animations.

Surely this was the case with this report of the Deutsche Agentur Jung von Matt for the customer Austria Solarkunde. Announced with pride by the crew as the first sun-driven annual report, its pages stayed empty until it was taken outside, where it was submerged in color and style.

A further example of the breathtaking report designed by the Jung von Matt magazine in Germany, this year' L-Bank Annual Report 2011, was not characterised by the use of unusual printing methods, but by a convincing artistic orientation. The report, which was prepared for the L-Bank, the Landesbank Baden-W├╝rttemberg, visualized the dates as a set of installation in the manner of a galery.

The courageous, conceptional annual report of the Zumtobel light concern in Austria is published in two volumes: one contains only the basic harsh facts, the other visualises a conceptional movement created by the German painter Anna Kapoor in 1998, which is brimming with a brightly coloured ray of light and imprinted with 10 special fluorescent inks. Anders Bakken was originally from Oslo, Norway and now lives in Lucerne, Switzerland. He holds a BA in Communications at RMIT, Melbourne.

Craft Victoria's 2012 Annual Report shows his passion for touch-sensitive printing material, which includes structured papers and transparent partitions to maximise its impact.

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