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In Scotland, called sequestration, bankruptcy helps to repay debt but has serious consequences. Debtor Education Pre-relief - Personal Finance Management Course - User Agreement When you pass the 70% level in the closing examination, a credit counselor will check the missing question with you via our Messaging system. Fees for training debtors before dismissal are $23 for individuals and $24 for common applicants. There is no extra or extra cost for the issuance of the certification.

The $0$ BK Class, Inc. guideline, which allows borrowers to receive a free or discounted course due to the debtor's inability to meet payment obligations, is as follows: BK Class, Inc. waives the Personal Financial Management Instructor Course charge if a customer proves that they are unable to meet the charges.

Allow one working week for handling before attending the course. Notification will be sent by e-mail with directions on how to attend the course. This course is provided to debtors regardless of their solvency. A$0 BK Classic, Inc. We source our financing from our classes tuition (including pre-petition insolvency advice and pre-release training for debtors), which is billed to debtors (clients).

Creditor must be advised that $0$ BK Class, Inc. may provide creditor information to the United States Trustee in conjunction with the United States Trustee's supervision of $0$ BK Class, Inc. All the trustee of the United States has checked is the borrower training course and the credit counseling course. United States Trustee has neither verified nor authorized other service that the Vendor offers to borrowers.

There are no reduced course charges available to lawyers for arranging debtors. Every two years, our accredited credit counselors are accredited by a third person who provides accreditation and training for credit counselors. Merchant ($0$ BK Class, Inc.) receives no charges or other compensation for routing debtors to or from other authorized merchants.

Expenses of the services (class fee) are borne by the debtor or a person who agrees to settle the tuition before the beginning of the lesson. As part of the enrolment procedure it is payed on-line. Accepted payment methods are all common credit card and PayPal. To check the identities of each debtor attending the grade, each debtor is asked to give his/her National Insurance number, date of birthday and his/her own details before enrolling and taking the grade.

BK Class, Inc. provides its service in English and Spanish only. In the event that the Borrower wants to attend the course in a different country than the above languages, $0$ BK Class, Inc. will immediately direct the Borrower to an accredited supplier offering the course in the Borrower's native country free of charge.

After completing this on-line enrolment, each borrower receives a clear "access code" by e-mail. E-mail is sent to the original e-mail location in the filename. Once the borrower has previously signed up and made use of pre-filing credit counseling, the new course password will be sent by e-mail. Only if the defendant fulfils the instructions will the defendant obtain the attestation.

Each member of the affiliate must terminate the affiliate program in order for their credentials to be valid. Once one student has completed the course, the personal certification is not awarded until the other student has completed the course. Final date for both allowances reflects the date of the last common applicant to complete the grade.

At the end of the briefing procedure, $0$ BK Class, Inc. Sent to the e-mail addressee of the principal obligor specified during enrolment. It is the sole responsibility of the customer/debtor to provide his lawyer with a certification. A$0 BK Class, Inc. Once a certification has elapsed, the student must repeat the course to obtain a new certification.

Bk Class, Inc. is eligible to offer Pre-Filing Credit Counseling and Pre-Discharge Debtor Education in all states of the United States. Binding Disclaimer: Approves the issuance of credit certificate (s) attesting the conclusion of a credit counseling course and a course in individual finance administration in accordance with insolvency law.

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