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The Cheshire East links to useful business information pages. Subscription service provided to you free of charge by the Cheshire Libraries. Blakeman Karen - Sources of business information Below is a listing of the valued business information resource. Except as otherwise noted, we are not liable for any statement or materials on third parties' websites. Linking to a third parties website indicates that we believe that you may find the information useful or interesting.

Websites that provide instant acces to government statistical information around the globe.

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Looking for business information? The Tameside Libraries Information Service can help if so. There is a broad spectrum of information available for those looking for business information. No matter whether you are starting a new business, extending an already established one, researching your competitors or market your company, the Tameside Libraries Information Service can help you.

Provide a kind, employee-backed experience that provides easy accessibility to printed and on-line ressources to help you with your business inquiry. About Ask Business is a new collaboration between eleven Manchester, Blackpool and Blackburn librarians and Darwen. Under the direction of Manchester library & information services, Ask About Business provides via direct link via public collections information that provides support:

For HM Revenue and Customs Tax help pages for businesses and the self-employed, click here. Cobra est le " conseiller en référence commerciale complète ". It is a complete, handy and constantly up-dated source of information for anyone who wants to create a business, develop a business or business strategy, or explore a new business opportunity. It is the definitive business tool!

Members of the brandside libraries can use Cobra for free! Just click on the Ask About Business website below. Please click on the shortcut to Cobra and obey the prompts on the monitor to login with your EIB Account number. You will find your Bibliotheks Keys Code number on the map given to you when you were admitted to the Bibliotheks, starting with 28016.

There is a broad palette of high-profile information on businesses, messages, directors and sector research. Informations can be used for: The Tameside Libraries Information Service can make available corporate mailinglists to help you with your own merchandising. You can deliver your mailinglists as spreadsheets or by e-mail. Remember that mailinglists can only contain information about Limited Enterprises.

From now on you can order Mailinglists on-line! All information provided by you will be kept confidential. We are currently providing your first free mailinglist (of up to 2000 companies) if you are a business in the Tameside region. The following listings delivered to Tameside Region enterprises are calculated at 1 p per enterprise.

Tameside business only. For other companies, the cost is equal to 10% per data set. Once your inquiry has been filed, the Tameside Libraries Information Service will get in touch with you to review your requests, the associated costs (if any), and the way your mailinglist is delivered. Kindly notice that the processing of the mailinglist can take up to 2 week.

Enterprises House Online - Data base of public corporations. Legislative information includes Croners Employment Law - a month-by-month update of information for small business. When you' re considering setting up a business or social enterprise, Live, Work, Invest Support Team is here to help you make it a success. If you would like more information about the Tameside Business Family Support Team, please go to http://www.liveworkinvest. com/ or call 0161 3423951.

You can find more useful business information in the Business section of our site of suggested sites.

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