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Excerpts from the last five years of the financial statements filed with Companies House. It is also possible to register a corporation (Ltd, Plc, Charityetc). Reading online about a company can only be half the battle.

Unrestricted use of over 170 million company data sets

I am pleased to inform you that as of today you can use our new services to gain free acces to all your company's 170 million files. This is the first free account of the company's finances and information about managers and clerks, as well as other information, throughout the company's lifetime.

Now, consumer and content vendors can get real-time information about businesses. You can do this either via the Web services or the API. It is great good economic news as it returns 6m for government funding and removes obstacles to easily accessing information about businesses.

It is an occasion for individuals to use this information in new and imaginative ways. We' ve gotten used to our customers to understanding what they want and have developed a great customer experience. Give it a try for free and let us know what you think. Subscribe to e-mail news feeds from this blogsite or join us on Twitter to stay in contact.

Announce a company

Use this free keyword finder to find 10 million UK based company registrations. It' s important not to copy the name of an organization in your area, there are already 2 million business, 2. 3 million business and 4. 2 million British domains - and there are 25,000 changes every calendar months.

Don't look for words like "the" "company" "and" and so on. Importantly, you should request the registration of a name before going to press or entering the market, as we will conduct further extensive and in-depth research on your name. You can either submit your application online or by downloading an application form (pdf 957KB format). For more information, see our How To Registry section.

It is also possible to registrate a corporation (Ltd, Plc, Charityetc). When you want to notify a company, the National Company Registry is the right place for you. As the National Company Registry provides information on more than 10 million UK firms, firms, marks and brand names, yours could be added next. In the National Commercial Registry, we can also help you to establish and registrate a trade name, trade mark, company name or family name.

The trade license is indispensable, if it concerns the establishment and maintenance of your enterprise. The name of your company is the most important asset your company can have. This name will be the primary way your company is characterized by your customers, from responding to the telephone to putting pressure on your product to your sales and distribution.

In order to enrol your company with us, you must complete the appropriate company registration request for your company group. Either submit your online resume or simply fill out the PDF file and send it to us by post: Somerset House, 6070 Birmingham Nature Park, B37 7BF. Our extensive list of industry contacts and a full data base of over 10 million organizations, brands and domain names will help you know exactly what the competitors are in your industry and if your company name is still available.

Once you have verified that your name is available, you can request your subscription either through our website or by completing and submitting an online request to our website. If you provide us with your data when registering your company, you can also make use of our free website service.

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