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There are a number of websites that offer free or affordable access to business reports in digital form or as scanned documents. Business report resources | Corporate research | Library There are a number of sites that provide free or affordable business reporting services in the form of either electronic or scanning versions. Web-based compilation of business reports for publicly traded corporations in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. The reports can be searched by stock exchanges and industries. PrecisionIR's Service for Business Review Reports, which allows the investor to order the latest business review from participants.

FT Markets Data's website provides easy entry to the company's investment relationship information such as company reports and strategic papers. Helpful compilation of directory shortcuts to financial reports for publicly traded corporations with searching and FTSE index searching capabilities (for FTSE100, FTSE250, FTSE All Share and FTSE Small Cap indices).

Likewise, the business reports are listed separately by industry. Free company name searching utility provided by Company House that allows you to find information on more than 2 million businesses. Results for each company contain a document selection available for ordering.

Bureau van Dijk's subscription-based data base containing information for businesses in the UK and Ireland, which includes scanning version of business reports and return on investment. Fees may be charged for this facility. A number of UK library departments keep a collection of yearly reports in print. There are six United Kingdom archives with extensive collection of business reports before 1995:

So far, the six librarians have been partner in the nationwide Search Company Reports (SCoRe) catalog of annual reports. When you have difficulty locating the information you need, contact the library and information service.

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