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Taxes; appeals; benefits; loans and debts; housing and purchase of financial products.

Free debt advice links. Indicate whether you have already received or applied for a Universal Credit. Most banks can provide you with a basic account free of charge. No prepayments will be charged for the debt advice provided to you.

Do you need free monetary advice? The best way for them to know it is for them to know it.

As of today, with the introduction of the MAM by Credit Action, the Swiss monetary fundraising organisation, it will be possible to gain greater ease of accessing free personal funds and counsel. Created by Credit Action and backed by Callcredit, the Currency Advice Map is a tool that allows you to make the most of your time. It will allow them to know which resources of free help and advice are available to them.

Comments John McAndrew, Chief Executive, Callcredit Information Group: "Research shows that those who pay for advice on debts would not have done so if they had known about free service. Money advice cards will make it easy to find personal help resources locally and help individuals find just the right advice for their needs.

  • Credit Action is the Monetary Fund Charitable Organisation (registered number 1106941 ) founded in 1994.

Offsetting right | Free debt advice

The majority of bankers have the right to move funds from their banking or saving deposits to settle other debt they hold, such as credit card payments or credit lines. This is referred to as the right to "'offset" or merge accounting records. You should be informed by your local banking institution whether it will expand this right, e.g. to include transfers of funds between organizations in your group, to/from a common name or from a commercial to a personal name.

Also, if you owed PPI funds, your local banks will be able to clear any funds you may have obtained from the reclaim of incorrectly oversold PPIs. Complete our easy, 3-step contact to receive immediate credit assistance and advice. When you have funds available to cover upcoming checks or debit entries from your account, but the merchant uses it to charge against a liability, then your invoices cannot be settled and you could face banking fees.

It could also cause further difficulties if you fail to pay your utility bill, such as rental, mortgages, utilities and local taxes, which could result in you being evicted, taken back or your utility bill being cut off. Store your debt and your bankaccount in different locations. It is likely that this will result in the opening of a new secure banking area.

With the new "Switch" system, this is relatively simple, since your new institution can change everything from your old institution within 7 working day - inclusive of all your debit and standing orders. If you are looking for a new bankaccount, choose a simple bankaccount - this will not be an oversight, but neither will the new bankaccount have to do a credit assessment (although some still do).

Don't forget to switch to a banking establishment where you don't owe anything. Prior to exercising the right of set-off, you should consider whether you are in difficulties and have enough funds to meet your daily needs and senior debt such as mortgages, rents, local taxes and groceries invoices.

When your merchant has taken your cash but has not followed the instructions, contact us immediately and ask for the same. Should the merchant be hesitant to reimburse the funds, you can use the right of first use. They have to send a note, take it personally to the banks and demand that it be implemented there and then.

Please call us at 0800 280 2816 for further information or call us via our "Get advice button".

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