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Using counterfeit credit card information to purchase goods on-line Actually, I got a cell that I didn't order, but it was all in my name. Because I had already talked to the cell provider, I knew it was a fraud. But that could come from the voter register.) It stated my banking details for the direct debit as NatWest.

I' ve never done banking with NatWest before, nor have I had an bank transfer at the relevant cellular operator. That had my name imprinted on my homeaddress and dob, but nothing else at all, no signature, none of the customary credit check information they ask you in business when you buy a telephone and sign a deal.

Below was a bank transfer with NatWest-Filialname and BLZ (valid), my name and an bank number. When I called NatWest who said that it was a legitimate store number, I said that the bank number did not correspond to the store number. When they left to look, I didn't hear from them anymore.

Once again I got in touch with the cell service provider and they said that if an order/direct debiting is placed on-line with a credit card, safety cheques against the postal and credit card will be issued. In my personal wisdom, it looks as if they are checking whether the postal zip number of the postal outlet is correct and whether the number of the accounts is a correct number with a verification number, but what they are not doing, because they cannot, is to verify the number of the accounts that actually "belongs" to that postal outlet of that institution.

Appears like a huge gap, it is also interesting that none of the common credit checks issues are asked when a acceptance giro is performed online. Somebody also said that I would be held responsible for the telephone because I had subscribed to the telephone that had been shipped to my adress.

Somebody also said that I would be responsible for the acceptance giro. How if the accounts used were counterfeit, at a banking institution where I don't have a banking institution with a counterfeit number?

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