Free Credit Card with no Credit

Complimentary credit card without credit card

The Mainstream free credit cards without foreign currency fees. No matter how often you use it, our free credit report is a "soft" check and will not affect your credit rating. There is no credit card needed for Xbox Live on 360, Euro price revealed

Microsofts has unveiled the Xbox 360 Live price base in Europe and has said that Xbox Live will be available on the main road without having to enter credit card information through the Xbox 360 itself. The Xbox 360 owner in Europe pays 59. Microsoft has promised 99 Euros (GBP 39. 99. 99) per year for a live Golden Xbox subscription, and the firm has also waived the need to enter credit card information in order to gain use of the services - a step that is likely to receive a favourable reception.

In the UK, subscription to the Xbox Live Gold part of the Xbox 360 on-line services will be available for retail purchases. In addition to on-line mulitplayer gambling, matching and dating features and dating features, the Gold Sub offers "exclusive Xbox Live Marketplace benefits and rewards" - possibly an innuendo to Marketplace Points, the expected value for premier quality entertainment.

Security issues with credit card-free on-line subscription are likely to be addressed by the existence of parent checks that can be used to stop young people from carrying out certain types of activity both on-line and off-line. Or in other words, if a parent chooses not to allow it, their kids can't go on-line - even if they buy the package behind their back.

For those who like to use their credit card, the Xbox 360 allows you to continue subscribing to the Xbox 360 dashboard for one monthly period (6. 99 Euro, GBP 4. 99), three monthly period (19. 99 Euro, GBP 14. 99) or 12 monthly period (59. 99 Euro, GBP 39,99).

Anyone who has an Xbox Life current first-generation Xbox subscriber can upgrade it as a Gold member to the new system when they launch it for the first time at no additional charge. Whether you own the high-end or low-end Xbox 360 Xbox Silver software suite, as pledged, no fee is required to get Xbox Silver - all gamers need is a wideband link and a storage device or drive.

Silver makes it possible to build a gamer tag and personalized profiles, broadcast and recieve speech and text messaging with the Xbox Live handset - available seperately - downloading trailer, demo, new level and other additional gaming from the Xbox Live Marketplace, and buying matches through the retro/indie-oriented Xbox Live Arcade section.

Overall, the price structures for the European price of Gigabit Ethernet 360 are largely as anticipated - more costly than similar offerings in North America, as last weeks survey showed, but on a similar scale. 3.5 % of the price of Gigabit users in Europe was for the same service. However, Microsoft has not yet released any packages, as was the case in the US - these packages contained all the gold functions as well as a header and a free Xbox Life arcade match - and says that no such packages are currently underway.

The Xbox 360 will be launched globally at the end of 2005 - most analysts point to a start at the end of November, which should be announced in the next few months. Ninety-nine release, provides Xbox live silver connectivity, but gamers must buy an Xbox line in order to participate in speech chats.

In the 99th edition, Xbox Live Gold will contain a drive, headsets and one free monthly subscription.

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