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Canada Free Credit Check

Receive your free CREDIT SCORE & REPORT. CAIBC Introduces Free Portable Credit Checks in Canada - FinTech Fuutures

The Canadian bank group CIBC, the Finnish technology company Borrowell and Equifax Canada have presented a free credit scores for mobiles - a "premiere for a large Canadian bank". Credit scores are retrieved via the CIBC Wireless Mobile Banking application and customers can receive their Equifax credit scores, which are revised every quarter so they can monitor their creditworthiness.

They also have information about what influences a credit scores and how to make it better. The Aayaz Pira, SVP, CIBC digitally, retailing and corporate finance application says it gives individuals "a complete view of their overall creditworthiness and better financial controls.

The Borrowell Credit Credit Reporting System provides the on-line credit reporting information based on Equifax credit reporting information. The CIBC says that its services are seen as "soft" credit requests, which means that they do not have a negative effect on a client's overall scores. In support of the introduction of the application, CIBC quotes its own recent research, which has shown that the vast majority of Canadians recognize the importance of knowledge of their creditworthiness to protect against scams, but more than two-thirds do not know their creditworthiness (69%).

Two in five (45%) say they have no clue where they can get their credit. For all CIBC customers, the services will be available on-line "before the end of this year".

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