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Should you have any questions, please send an e-mail to and we will be happy to help you. Read TotallyMoney Reviews | Customer Service Reviews from

Hi, I'm sorry to know you were dissatisfied with our services. Our aim is to enhance our services to our clients or to help them understand how our services work (ultimately enhancing an individual's experiences with our services). Although we have not been able to respond to all ratings so far, I want to reassure you that as our teams grow, regardless of the rating, we will answer as many ratings as possible.

As for your concerns about the "stacked" review, I believe that this might appear because of the invitation we are sending to our clients. Adhering to the policies of the competition and market authorities, we ensure that we do not evaluate a customer's results for credit product on the basis of our own business relationship or commissions.

You can therefore be sure that the results we deliver are exclusively your own needs and permissions and not your own profits. I' m sorry to say that you have the feeling that the services works like this - I would be glad to talk to you a little further by e-mail, but as a brief summary: We use an algorithms named Match Factor and the results provided by this algorithms will be sorted according to the most appropriate ones for you.

We have never considered the amount we receive for these items in this mechanism, so you can be sure that we would never evaluate or grade the results according to our own business interest. With regard to the placement of this information on our website, you can be sure that we are not making any active attempts to conceal this information.

So far, we have heard no customer complaints about the position of this information and were unaware that this could be a problem for our clients. Meanwhile, I have passed on your objections to our regulatory affairs department for further consideration. Hopefully this will help explaining, but as I said above, I'm willing to go further with you if you're not sure how our services work.

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