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Complimentary credit check and report. Online free credit check utility - Check your creditworthiness With our basic credit check utility, you do not need to disconnect from your banking accounts or your mailing history. Just set up an affiliate profile and reply to our 6 basic queries and we'll set up your creditworthiness. Talk to us before applying for financing. You can use our free credit check guidelines to see where your credit is likely to be.

Experian, Credit Expert or similar credit verification is not a substitute for complete credit verification. Our purpose is to help you determine whether you are likely to have a good, honest or bad credit rating and are likely to receive loans at regular interest rate close to primary or subprime levels.

And the lower your score, the less likely you are to receive the least promoted APR loan.

With Barclaycard, clients have free Experian Credit scores.

5 million individuals in the UK have free, frequent use of their Experian Credit Score, which helps them better assess their current situation and manage their funds. Clients can use their online accounts and, from the beginning of next year, will be able to view the results via the Barclaycard application.

Despite the critical importance of a person's credit history in their capacity to lend cash and obtain accessible financing, only a fourth (26 per cent) of UK citizens know what their creditworthiness is and less than one in four (39 per cent) have verified it in the past, as recent Barclaycard research shows.

Among those who do not know their creditworthiness, almost a third (30 percent) believe that their credit history is good, that they believe they do not need to check it, a fourth (26 percent) do not want to make payments to get it, and one in five (19 percent) do not see the importance of it.

Every twentieth (4 percent) is so afraid that his evaluation would be poor that he prefers not to know. Among those who verified their creditworthiness, application for a mortgages was the main driving force (22 per cent), followed by presumed fraud/identity larceny (21 per cent) and general inquisitiveness ( 21 per cent).

The study by the UK's premier credit cards company, however, shows that there is still considerable uncertainty about the effect of creditworthiness. More than half (54 percent) of respondents mistakenly believe that the absence of a municipal rate can have a significant influence on their valuation, and almost one third (31 percent) fear needlessly that their partners or spouses who do not receive a mortgage in their own name will necessarily have a significant influence on their valuation.

For Barclaycard clients who access their Experian Credit Score1 through their Accounts Manager Services, they can see how their finance managements affect their ratings and how they change over the years. In addition, there are a number of useful tricks and advice to help you get, increase or get your scores.

It will be available to both current and new clients and is completely free. Clients can retrieve their results as often as they want, and early next year they will also have them available on the road when they are integrated into the Barclaycard Accounts Manager application. Doing so will allow you to check it before you apply for a credit to fund a major purchase such as a automobile, a homeowner' s policy or a home loans.

In regional terms, the inhabitants of Belfast, London and Edinburgh are most likely to know their creditworthiness, while those in Glasgow, Manchester and Sheffield are least likely. Among those who did not review their ratings, a fourth (24 per cent) of respondents in Northern Ireland and a fifth (18 per cent) in Wales felt that their ratings would be poor or very poor.

Twothirds of Southeast Europeans (65 percent) consider their creditworthiness good or outstanding.

"Clients have said that they recognize the importance of their creditworthiness, but for various purposes only one in ten of them checks it regular. Through our partnership with Experian and as the first UK franchise to provide our clients with totally free credit we hope to solve some of the puzzles surrounding creditworthiness and help our clients better theirs.

The 1Experian Credit score offers individuals a snapshot of their credit standing, refreshed every 60 working days and divided into five categories: good, equitable, bad or very bad.

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