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Xherdan Shaqiri from Liverpool turns the tide on Fulham's Slavisa Jokanovic | Football

Jokanovic, after a 7th successive loss, carried everything dark and in the right spirit, but that was not like a memorial walk for the Fulham man. Down in the Premier League, yes, rightly defeated, yes; but not without giving Liverpool an exceptionally tough task at Anfield. Mohamed Salah's 8th seasonal destination and Xherdan Shaqiri's good final brought Liverpool back to the top for at least a few acres.

Liverpool's manager's response to the week's sluggish Champions League loss to Red Star Belgrade in mid-week, a campaign's fifth home victory at home and a cleaner-looking record that has secured Liverpool's best launch into a top level effort - five times in 12 games - since 1979 was the same.

But Fulham went mad after Aleksandar Mitrovic banned a side heading 14 seconds before Salah's opening goal. Mr Klopp had understanding for the general distress of the Fulham managers after the blow-off, although not the result. Fulham's complaint arose from a shortage of rewards for an encouragement in the first half of the year, as well as having read a close off-side call.

From the outset, Mitrovic worried and equipped Fulham with an exit to reduce the press. At Sergio Rico, the Seville rental keeper, Liverpool faced another barrier that stood in the way of a cosy Sunday afternoons. With Sadio Mané, Shaqiri, Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold, the host side provided several early opportunities that missed the goal with welcoming poses.

It was not a repetition of the moves Liverpool made this year against the weaker Premier League fixtures. Fulham had their first gilded chance when Mitrovic Rico's opening snapped in the way of Ryan Sessegnon, who beat Joe Gomez to the prom and was able to win Alisson's game.

This turning point came from a well-functioning Fulham nook. Tom Cairney was found by Sessegnon and André Schürrle and Mitrovic, without a marker, hit Alisson with a strong head. When the forward was celebrating with two team-mates, the side-off-flag was hoisted and spoiled their spirits. Alexander-Arnold was a fast free kick to Alisson on the right, the defender sent Salah free in the sprint from an unprotected, dormant Fulham defense and he ended his game sovereign under Rico.

While Jokanovic was furious with the forth officials, his anger should have been reserved for his team's slow response to the sidelines. Andy Robertson's sales were marginally in line with Mitrovic's, but not the "disrespectful" Jokanovic appealed against. For the first ever, the left-back sent a low back into the Fulham area, where Shaqiri had moved away from Cairney and with a professionally scored salvo, guided the shot over Rico.

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