Free Credit Report Contact number

Complimentary credit report Contact number

0900 014 2955 - Number Specialist You can contact our free service team at 0800 014 2955 to check your credit, challenge an article in your report and receive tech assistance for the management of your on-line accounts. Ecuifax is one of the biggest credit agencies in the industry with over 800 million clients. Call their UK contact number 0800 014 2955 to check your credit report over the phone and get advice on how to upgrade your credit ratings on the basis of your background. This hotline should also be called to challenge a dataset that lowers your scores, as this can interfere with your fees for raising funds for a home mortgages, loans or auto financing.

In addition, if you wish to have a credit file kept on your bank in writing, you can call this hotline to order that these papers be sent to your home adress. However, you may need to be an Equifax member to receive this facility, so new clients should call this hotline to receive Equifax next year subscriptions or to upgrade your current acceptance giro arrangement.

Equifax 0800 014 2955 is free to call from all UK landlines and mobiles, and no included minute will be used when you call their hotline. Equifax telephone to lodge a procedural appeal by dialling your local contact number 0333 321 4043, where you can claim damages if an incorrect entry in your credit histories has affected your capacity to take out a loan.

Requests to Equifax by post should be sent to the support email below. Do not submit check payment to this email unless you are asked to provide sensible bank information that could be used to gain control of your bankroll. Equityfax Ltd, Support Centre, P.O. Box 10036, Leicester, LE3 04FS, United Kingdom.

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