Free Credit Report Monitoring

Complimentary monitoring of the credit report

Follow the free test credit monitoring. The FTC suggests a policy to introduce free credit monitoring for service members. The FTC on 1 November heralded a suggested regulation implementing the requirements of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act for National Regulatory Authorities (CRAs) to offer free credit monitoring electronically to current employees. For the purposes of the present Directive, the definition of'electronic credit monitoring service' is a measure whereby credit rating agency provides at least one means of providing information to credit rating agency electronically about significant amendments or changes in a consumer's record and obliges credit rating agency to inform credit rating agency members of any significant changes within 24hrs.

It states that credit rating agencies may request members to supply address information, identification and verification of current operational activity in order to use the free of charge services, and describes how a member of the rating agency can verify its current operational activity, for example by providing a copy of its current operational activities. In addition, the proposed provision forbids credit rating agencies from asking members of the services to buy a specific item in order to receive the free of charge services, or from asking members of the services to accept the general business policy.

Protecting your credit information

Use your credit report to watch for fraudulent financing. Today's message that the identities of over four million UK TalkTalk clients have been compromised by a computer assault will naturally have caused many individuals to be concerned that their identities may already have been passed on to individuals who are committing phone hijacking or other forms of fiscal scams.

Clients must proactively watch for unsuspicious or unanticipated activities, such as borrowing a credit or debit in their name. Clients of TalktalkTalk should review their credit report in order to be aware of uncommon activities. Every uncommon behavior should be notified to the action fraud. When you are a victim o f ID fraud, you will see proof of it on your credit report.

Find any treacherous evidence of cheating, such as new credit balances that you have not used. Make sure that there has been an increase in the number of queries on your credit report. When a scammer tries to open multiple bank accounts, your credit report will list a scan for each of these tries.

Also verify that your address(es), telephone number(s) and other information is accurate. When your credit report indicates that you are a victim of ID fraud, you will want to take immediate action to eliminate the scam bank account. They should report any scam to Action Fraud at 0300 123 2040 or

Inform your local banking or finance company of any unsuspicious activities so they can block your credit line. Keep monitoring your credit history - we recommend that you do this once a week so you can detect any frauds.

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