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Sergio Ramos wins penal seal for Real Madrid against Valladolid | soccer in later years

The happiness of Madrid Royal has shifted with the managers. From Santiago Solari, the temporary trainer who took over from Julen Lopetegui, he took up residency on the line of contact at Bernabéu, from where he spend much of the afternoons listening to a worried calm sometimes pierced by disappointed pipes. Valladolid struck two rounds against the cash, missed two great opportunities and scored an excellent safety from Thibaut Courtois.

However, they were seven-minute ahead of the rest, scoring an own-goal and then giving a penalties shot by Sergio Ramos. Madrid, which Gareth Bale had retired 20 min before the end of our lives, found a way through the city and devoured this place. Vinícius Júnior - the adolescent who plays a more pivotal part in the demise of Lopetegui than he might have guessed and to whom expectations are invited - helped them.

As the president's protégé, challenged by some in the meeting room and press room, he spent more time here than he had the whole campaign, 20 and it was his shoot that jumped from Kiko Olivas into the net and released football players who felt the fingers of guilt pointing their way. Until then Antoñito was neat and turned his gun and pulled pipes.

And there was more when Toni Villa turned far, Enes Unal had the best opportunity of the match, Rubén Alcaraz' hit fell from the barrel and Villa pulled a Courtois one. Even more so when Valladolid was playing with disturbing clearness and calm. The villa fired another gunshot from the Bale and Solari bars, blew a whistle and Marco Asensio.

As Solari searched for a response and while it might be an overstatement to say that he had gotten that, Madrid got the target, the win and the breather. On one end Courtois shoved a poisonous gunshot away from Daniele Verde. On the other hand, Vinícius' gunshot, so headstrong that he was headed for a litter, hit Olivas.

Ramos, a centurion who, according to many, is guilty, intervened from the scene and began a ceremony that talked more of justification than of happiness. Identical technology that has linked us to a large multinational clientele has also pushed away ad revenue from newpapers. Our chosen strategy allows us to keep our journalists open and available to all, regardless of where they might be living or what they can afford. Our goal is to make our journalists more aware of where they are living.

We overcome the dangerous economic crisis thanks to all those who have contributed to our research based editorial activities through articles, memberships and subscription. However, we must keep and develop this degree of assistance for each coming year. Our readers' lasting endorsement allows us to carry on with our storytelling even in tough periods of change, when objective coverage has never been so crucial.

Our futures would be much safer if everyone who enjoys reading our reports supports them.

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