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Complimentary credit without a card

When your credit rating is excellent, closing a card cannot have a big impact on your reputation. In contrast to the premium version of the card, there is NO free night voucher you can work towards. Here's a free emotional intelligence test based on Daniel Goleman's theory. Find out what it means, how you rate and what your credit & debit card options look like. The bonus is only valid for the first deposit by card or bank transfer.

Premier League Huddersfield Town vs. West Ham United Forecast

Wagner was the luckiest man in Yorkshire on Monday evening when he saw his Huddersfield Town side from Fulham meet Fulham 1-0 to claim their first Premier League victory of the new year. At the beginning of this year' s Terrier Cup the German spent the hardest moment of his life with the group.

In 10 matches without a winning game, there was genuine squeeze on them to beat Fulham, thanks to an own-gate from Timothy Fosu-Mensah. There was no evidence that the team's run in Huddersfield had ended without a home side finish since April, but it didn't matter to gamers or supporters who got on the scoreboard.

However, the results now leave them eighteenth in the standings and they are now in the top three of the scoring differential after Newcastle United won last year. They more than made up for what they were lacking in terms of value against Fulham, who on papers and certainly in financial terms has a bigger side than themselves, but it was their wish that brought them through.

Now for the first consecutive week since November of last year, when they defeated Manchester United and West Brom in the following week, they will once again be looking for home victories in the Premier League. Huddersfield have always looked like a dogfight this year, but the victory at Fulham should create trust as they now move on to a series of games where they will imagine achieving results.

Gibriel Jesus gets disputed punishment in Manchester City routs | Football

But for Hoffenheim's belated equalizer, they would have been the first side to win the Champions League - it was a shame that the evening would be commemorated by a Norman wisdom overthrow rather than the soccer that was created to crush Shakhtar Donetsk.

Raymond sterling did his best to make up for it with a beautiful single at the beginning of the second half, but the punishment he received to crack Shakhtar-Herzen' heart in the first half was a cross-fire, something that just shouldn't have happened in a contest of this caliber.

Mahrez scored his first 13-minute shot when he collected a Bernardo Silva ball, but still had a lot to do. The Shakhtar defense attorney Yaroslav Rakitskiy had totally missed his man and probably his orientation two tricks and as many changes of course later, when Mahrez unhindered hit the headline to submit a crucifix that gave David Silva a tap-in.

In fact, Shakhtar had had the first chance at the finish when Junior Moraes sent a gunshot that Ederson lightly concealed but was still able to feel, although the spectators began to feel restrained by the precision of the city' s pass when Silva scored the first gate.

Yet Shakhtar hardly earned the humiliation and unfairness of what happened in the twenty-fourth minutes when the city duplicated its leadership through a twist of high drama or low charade, according to your point of view. Shakhtar was a man who was not afraid of the humiliation and unjust. When the idea of accepting the umpire came to the player's mind, it was put into a shrug of shoulders and a shy gestural expression when he paved the way for Gabriel Jesus to take the penalties.

Nevertheless, the match was killed in this way, which eclipsed both the gambling community and Shakhtar. Gameplay and athmosphere remained shallow for a while, although City had some good opportunities before the break, Jesus waited too long as he shot over from the side of the field with Andriy Pyatov and Bernardo Silva in the singles match.

All of the hope that Shakhtar might have had of getting back into the match vanished three moments into the second half when Victory took a passport from David Silva in the centre of the peloton, speeded it up from a few defence men and then took out two more by turning right to shoot Pyatov with a right-footed strike from the side of the peloton.

After Taras Stepanenko had taken David Silva down in the crate, Jesus added his second to the list of the rest of the night. Six moments before the end, Mahrez netted a fifth target. Ilkay G√ľndogan's lapped passport was gathered on his breast by the wingman to shoot from a tight corner before Jesus finished the round in the final seconds with a well-deserved free game gate, the sweetest of all chip over a beached keeper from outside the area.

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