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We' ll now automatically update your free credit rating every two weeks. Read our complete credit card guide now - or how to use your credit card correctly. Cash card collects points for customer < br> < / br> < / br>

At Barclaycard, we process over 40% of all debt and credit transaction, and our goal is to help both depositors and depositors buy and resell the way they want every single dollar. Today, Barclaycard clients (all 10.5 million) have free credit to Experian through our safe website.

The credit story is high on the agendas of both consumer and business. They play a part in providing creditors with appropriate credit line interest rate levels and affordability, and give creditors visibility into customer exposure. It is not only expenditure that has an impact on creditworthiness. So we went and found out how much or how little the consumer really knows about creditworthiness.

A staggering 95% of respondents had learnt of the word "credit score", but more than half (61%) had never had their ratings verified by a credit bureau. Another only 26% knew their creditworthiness. Apparently, most users know the score card, but a few don't know how or where to use it.

We are the only UK credit issuer to offer simple credit reporting service entry. As a result, clients can see how their customs impact their creditworthiness. It'?s free. There is no longer any justification for partnering with Experian, one of the market's best-known credit bureaus, so that our clients can register smoothly on-line for limitless use.

Giving our clients a clear view of their creditworthiness, those who are proactively trying to upgrade their ratings can use the tools as a control point to see their monthly performance. All this is done on behalf of clients who maintain or enhance their creditworthiness and understand their justification.

We offer free credit checks from Expert.

Previously, clients had to spend 14.99 pounds a month accessing their creditworthiness with Experian. Efferian made his credit rating free for everyone. It is provided as part of CreditMatcher, the free credit matching services of the credit verification company. "Lots of folks don't know that your credit rating is like a thermometer of your well-being," says Clive Lawson of experian.

How am I supposed to get my credit rating? Besides Equifax and Callcredit (under the Noddle brand), Experian is one of the three most important credit bureaus in the UK. ClearScorew may also have been using Equifax information for its services. But if you want to review your score fairly frequently and just have an inkling of where you stand in financial terms, you're better off getting it for free from Noddle or ClearScore.

Applicants for credit or more recent information should contact Equifax or Experian as they receive first-person credit information and keep it updated more frequently than Noddle or ClearScore. This is said, if you have never had your credit reports before it could be worth getting them from the three main Agencies as the notches they give you fluctuate - they get different information from different lending institutions (though there is quite a bit o overlap).

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