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Can' use outside the United States. to keep us in our house. The majority of us have a credit history. Higher credit rating means it's possible.

Financial services provider incorporates creditworthiness surveillance into its portfolio of services

with NASDAQ: FISV, a world leader in providing advanced finance technologies, has introduced Credit Sensse, a software suite that allows banks to fulfill consumers' demand for credit information by incorporating creditworthiness into the bank's online world. A credit rating, day-to-day credit watch, insights into credit rating drivers, and free educational funds are all provided by Credit Suisse.

The Credit Suisse Group also supports banks in strengthening and expanding member relations through tailor-made credit products. Credit Suisse can display the credit value of a specific individual within the on-line or wireless bank interfaces next to their bank details. Based on SavvyMoney's proprietary technologies, Credit Suisse will be available through several Fiserv key accounts management as well as Fiserv's on-line and wireless payment solutions.

Channel and newbie user trend polls from Fiserv, 64 per cent of US users believe it is important or very important to know their credit rating. Moreover, 39 per cent said they knew their credit rating, 48 per cent said they knew the general scope of their rating and 13 per cent said they did not know their rating.

A third (33 percent) of the early 18 to 24 year olds said they did not know their score. Expectations and experiences also showed that 81 per cent of US shoppers state that there are one or two banks they always turn to first for their financing needs. The Credit Sensing function enables banks to create pre-qualified credit offerings on the basis of a consumer's credit value and his or her personal needs.

Banks can then take out credits that might have been missed if customers had consulted the pages of non-financial institutions in order to maintain their creditworthiness, and customers can obtain a credit from their trustworthy bank and not from an unknown supplier. The Community Service Credit Union, headquartered in Huntsville, Texas, has $94 million in wealth and recently also began using credit sense.

As the US leading provider of bank accounts management software, more than a third of US banks trust Fiserv for bank accounts management software and know-how.

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