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Use these links for information on how to obtain your statutory credit reports: A soft search function (or "Smart Search") is increasingly offered when searching for a credit product. With Experian, anyone in prison can get free credit reports. How does it...


They are some that deal with credit data in general and others that are specifically for OM2, although they are all interconnected. This research is done in order to review the information contained in your request and to see if a credit line can be made available to you on the basis of the information stored in your credit history - more on this later.

No good news obvious, but if you are not conscious of a dilemma, it is really a good idea to follow the lead and check your credit file (see below) to find out what went bad. First, and most of all, if you find that you are having difficulty paying, then talk to OK 2 - there is a special payment management staff that will help you and they can be contacted at 0800 902 0217 or at 202 free of your OK 2 telephone and ask for a transfer.

Most, if not all, will give a code or guideline as to how they interprete the reporting and what the report you can see really means, so it is rewarding to take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with it. Also, some will look for one, some will look for all and some will not look for credit when evaluating your job interview.

Nobody should be able to rely on a single credit database from an agent to get a complete view, which is why it is always a good idea to check what information is stored on everyone. We have 3 major rating agencies in the United Kingdom and you have a right of access to the information stored by each of them.

That would give you everything that is available to future creditors and allow you to ensure that all information is as it should be.

What is a search for a finance item?

More and more often a search function for credit items (or "Smart Search") is used. If you are comparing credit items such as credits, credit card and mortgage, it is obviously enticing to go ahead and compete for the one with the low interest most. Trouble is, if you continue and advertise for a credit card credit, but the creditor refuses because your credit record is not up to date, the unsuccessful credit card will be saved in your credit record.

This means that if you request another credit line, the next creditor you are applying for will see such earlier requests, which increases the likelihood that they will refuse you as well. To avoid this, the possibility of a so-called software search, also known as "Smart Search", is becoming more and more used.

An intelligent search engine will help you verify your authority before you actually request a credit item. When you use such a utility, you will usually be asked to provide some information such as your name, date of birth, postal addresses and job title. The information is then sent to a credit bureau which carries out a so-called "soft search".

Software search gives back a credit rating that is then used to show you the transactions for which you have the greatest opportunity to be approved, and filters out those for which you are unlikely to be approved. Intelligent search engines might differ, but you may get a 10 point rating, for example, which indicates the probability that you will be approved for a particular transaction.

What is a Software Search? This is a credit search based on your credit history that does not influence your credit scores. Though it is stored like any other search in your credit history, creditors cannot see it, so it does not influence their credit decisions. But if you choose to choose to pay in order to get your credit card or use a free credit card search tool, you can see that you have done the search.

And you can search softly as often as you want - it still has no impact on the credit you have stored. While using an intelligent search engine gives you a good indication of which items you are most likely to receive, it is not a surefire sign that you will be acceptable if you continue to advertise for a particular item.

This is because the lender combines what is in your credit records and what you see on the claim when you make a judgment. Even creditors sometimes alter their credentials at the last minute, which can impact your credentials. However, with an intelligent search, you can make a much more informed assessment of where you will be acceptable.

When you have been struggling to get loan, credit card, mortgage or overdraft in the past, it is a good idea for you to review your credit history and try to figure out what could be creating trouble. However, if your data contains an error, you can ask the organization that submitted the wrong information to correct it.

Repaying your loans, making periodic repayments and preventing too many uses in too little timeframe will also help - and that's why Smart Search is such a useful one.

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