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Preparers help eligible New Yorkers submit their taxes free of charge. NYC Applied Behavioral Analysis Conference. HIV / AIDS Agencies & Information Sites in NYC. expand all collapse all.

The student support and advice is first class.

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Queens County AIDS Center's Mission is to improve the lives of people and their homes who are affected, threatened and affected by HIV/AIDS and other related diseases. This is done through extensive service in a value-free, secure and supporting enviroment. You provide the following services:

Housing, case handling, law, prevention, psychological wellbeing, harm reduction and a syringe exchange programme. The ASC is committed to offering the broadest array of programmes and service to satisfy the many needs of the thousand New Yorkers we service each year. ASCs carry out their missions to help many individually, from individualised case handling to self help groups to training in care, psychiatry, and the provision of essential needs such as nutrition and clothes.

The GMHC is the world's first and largest HIV/AIDS preventive, support and advocacy group. God's love we delicious's goal is to enhance the well-being and wellbeing of men, woman and child who live with HIV/AIDS, cancers and other serious diseases by reducing starvation and undernourishment. It prepares nourishing, high-quality food and delivers it to those who are incapable of taking food for themselves or cooking because of their sickness.

It also provides disease-specific dietary information and advice to our customers, family, caregivers and other healthcare companies. Offers all customers 100% acces to high level HIV/AIDS coverage regardless of racial, socio-economic level or gender; high level HIV preventive, residential and nursing treatment within a secure and caring world. Dedicated to the improvement of the life of those who live with HIV/AIDS.

Provides consumer-oriented service for those living with HIV/AIDS, those at high risk of HIV/AIDS and those affected by HIV/AIDS. Training, lobbying, public relations, face-to-face service and preventive programmes. Momentum is committed to the well-being and integrity of those and family members affected by the HIV/AIDS outbreak. It offers a broad range of sevices such as drug addiction interventions, psychological counselling, nutrition counselling, health care and adhesion and more.

POZ has served the HIV/AIDS affected population since 1994 and reports on the AIDS epidemic at home and abroad. Latino Commission on AIDS is a non-profit member organisation committed to combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Latino society. Commission's Commission modelling for human and social well-being includes four basic and supplementary deliverables to Latino communities: awareness raising, HIV prevalence, capacities development and lobbying.

Our Spanish language service is provided by a multi-cultural, bi-lingual team of healthcare, educational and economic personnel. HAF's Mission is to enhance healthcare outcome for Latinos in New York City who are affected by HIV and other long-term diseases. Provide free HIV tests, affective counseling, counselling and help for gay and lesbian Latin men, HIV help management for your healthcare and healthcare needs, financial rental payment help, as well as healthcare and spa benefits, Latin adult adolescent management coaching and service for gender equality men and women. Our HIV and lesbian partners provide free HIV tests, affective counseling, counselling and help for gay and lesbian Latin men, HIV and AIDS men and men, and women's healthcare and healthcare management and management programs.

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