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Which is Freestyle Trade Up? It is possible to give any current equipment in payment; it does not have to be the equipment associated with your current freestyle loan. Whose offer is this? In order to place a order you guarantee it: Place a order: Part of the approval procedure is to use CheckMEND from IMMOBILISE's supplier to inspect the unit as used by the UK police to find items that have been lost or stolen. CheckMEND is a tool that can be used to find items that have been lost or found to be lost.

In the event the equipment does not meet a due diligence test, we may contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and we may share the equipment and your information with them, and the equipment offer set forth in Section 4 below will not be used to pay your Freestyle Loan. In order to establish the value of your equipment, you must include a detailed and exact specification of the equipment when ordering, which includes, but is not restricted to, the following information:

ii ) the state of the Equipment that you wish to give in payment, which is to be classified as such: a) a working appliance, which means that all the characteristics of the appliance are in good working order, there is no external bodily harm (e.g. to the keys or the screen) or moisture damages, the appliance is able to make/receive call and SMS, its batteries are supplied and can sustain charging and switching on ("working appliance") or b) a non-functioning appliance, i.e. an appliance that is not fully functioning (e.

g. Does not turn on, has a corrupted display, housing or keys, or has suffered moisture damage), but contains a rechargeable cell, is not squashed or deformed; has no non-working devices. Appliance charging units and equipment cannot be given back with your appliance and have no cash value. These are not part of the requirement and cannot be used to conclude the Trade Up procedure.

Battery chargers and attachments will not be sent back to you, so we advise you to thoroughly review the content of your parcel before sending it back to us. As soon as a Trade Up order has been placed, the product offer will be available for up to 14 consecutive business day to allow you to finalize your order.

In case the equipment is received after 14 calendars from the date of the order of the up, the equipment offer will be refreshed - see section 5.1(ii). After your order you will receive a free shipping package by Royal Mail, which usually comes 2-3 business working days after your order.

No liability is accepted for loss, theft, delay or damage to packages containing your equipment. Failure to ship your product after 28 calendars will result in your order being canceled. To avoid any doubts, your currently existing Freestyle Loan and any new Freestyle Loan are separated and will remain due as usual and in accordance with your recently announced payplan.

Before Trade Up: (i) By ordering and shipping your equipment, you cannot reverse your order. We strongly recommend that you back up all storage media information on a storage media on your telephone, which includes, but is not restricted to, pictures, messaging and video, to the Unit and save it elsewhere before using Trade Up.

As soon as your order is placed, we will, at our sole option, establish whether the equipment specification at the time of ordering the Trade Up is an exact and truthful representation of the equipment received: i) If it is found to be a correct and exact specification, the Equipment Offer will be used to partially clear your current Freestyle Loan Agreement.

If it is found that the information is not truthful and precise, or if the Equipment is obtained from the Trade-Up Order after 14 consecutive business calendar Days and the value has thereafter varied, the Equipment Offer will be void and you will be provided with a new revisited value for the partial settlement of your Freestyle Loan.

They will be informed of this changed value by e-mail and have 5 working day from the date of issuance of the changed value to either approve or decline the changed value. In the event that you do not agree or disagree with the amended value, we will consider that you agree to the amended value and it will be used to partially clear your current Freestyle Loan Asset.

Should you refuse the reworked value, we will send the unit back to you free of cost. There are 14 calendars from your adoption or refusal of the amended value for you to terminate your new Freestyle Loan. To avoid any doubts, the equipment offer or, if agreed, the changed value will only add to your current freestyle loan.

Your current Freestyle Loan balance will remain due and payable in accordance with your recently announced repayment plan until full disbursement. We will not accept funds from your current Freestyle Loan until 30 calendars after the date of your order to be able to process it.

Your transaction will be resumed after 30 business calendar day and a revamped transaction plan will be emailed to you. Within 10 business Days, if the equipment offering or revalued value is greater than the total of your current Freestyle Loan, a credit will be issued to the Freestyle Loan Customer's Monthly Cash Deposit to cover the amount of the Freestyle Loan's monthly remaining installment, within 10 business days of the date of the purchase of the equipment offering or revalued value.

If necessary, all information gathered through Trade Up service will be handled and saved in accordance with current privacy legislation and rules. Appropriate efforts will be made by the Promoter to make sure that no information is handled or recorded outside the EEA or by third parties, with the exception of the management of Trade Ups.

Title to the equipment will not transfer to us until we have obtained the equipment and the equipment offer or changed value has been approved and your purchase has been shipped to you. If the Trade Up Service cannot be performed as expected in any way for any reason beyond our reasonable controls, we will not be held accountable or answerable for non-performance of the Trade Up Service, whether or not we are accountable, whether or not the Trade Up Service can be performed as expected, whether or not for non-performance by a third provider and/or our observance of any laws or rules in force.

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