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Reid, Waters lead Tiger to win over UNCG

Everything LSU coach Will Wade said to the press on Thursday about the UNCG squad that would be at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center on Friday evening turned out to be real. No. 23-ranked Tigers resisted a deluge of the three hands and a belated rally to score a 97-91 gain over the Spartans to go 2-0 on the young season leading up to a television broadcast match with Memphis on Tuesday evening at Maravich Center.

Tigers were headed by newcomer Naz Reid, who had 29 points at the 11 of 14 court goal shoot, four of them trees to go with seven bounces. LSU Sofomore Pre-season All-SEC Digest, point keeper Tremont Waters, was on his play with his sixth doubles dual of his 21-point careers, 10 Masters and six Steel.

Maravich Center became the third squad in the Maravich Center's story to make 19 tridents in one match, and tied a marker first placed by North Florida in 2015 and Florida in 2016. Galloway scored 8 out of 10 free-throws (12 out of 14 in total) and finished with 32 points for the awarding of match prizes.

With the Tigers winning for the fiftieth time in the last 55 matches, they shot over 50 per cent of the total heading back to the 2012-13 time period, while LSU made 30-of-54 point targets (55. 6%) and 9-of-18 three-point point targets. The LSU formed its first 22 free litters in competition before failing for the first time, with less than three minute left.

At LSU√Ęs first two competitions the Tiger 52 of 62 are at the free-throw line. Tigers fired well, but turned the tiger's back 17 shots. Yet, UNCG only got five points all play on those 17 sales likened to the 20 points LSU got on the 14 UNCG miscues. The LSU had an edge of 38-24 in color and almost duplicated UNCG on the circuit board, 34-18.

The UNCG (1-1), winner of 52 matches in the last two years, had the early edge in the match and were given five six-point leaders in the first 6:30 minutes of the match, before the Tigers could eventually eliminate the match at 23 on a 9:37 Kavell Bigby-Williams jumpers in the first half.

LSU had a 12-0 run, which brought a two point shortfall, 27-25, to 37-25 in favour of the Tigers, and the LSU got the edge for good. Then Mays beat a jumpers and a free shot, Reid beat a pail, Waters had a theft and a score and Reid reached the climax of the run with a three-point.

Tigers in the last 7:57 of the first half would exceed the Spartans, 24-9, the remainder of the half to go to the wardrobe with 49-36 points. The LSU had a run in the last phases of the first 10 min of the second half which brought the 72-54 win to 12:20 and seemed to keep the match in check at that point.

The UNCG brought the match to six points at 91-85 on a Galloway tree to be played with 1:28 and had the opportunity to further tighten it when LSU turned the shot against the media. The UNCG got another three Galloway 16 seconds to left to slice it on 93-88, but LSU made four free litters before Demetrius Troy struck a tree to bind the opponent's build to a 0. 9 record-time leave on the watch for the closing margin. 4.

Tuesday match with Memphis is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday and Tuesday at the LSU Athletics Ticket Office and on-line at Obviously, when her big man got heated up, it all began to show up, so we had to score, go back to the defence and stop, but it didn't go that way, so we had to make sure that we score every time and just try to struggle and get a stop.

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