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Free-of-charge online credit check without card details

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Checking in and snowboarding

In order to lower our cost and keep our rates low, we provide free online check-in to you. The online check-in is possible from 30 to 3 working hour before the planned sailing date if you bought a place at the moment of your reservation. If you did not buy places when you made your reservation, check-in is only possible 48 hrs before your flight departs.

When traveling within the Schengen area, you do not have to fill in the details of your journey documents during the online check-in because you do not have to enter them. You may be asked to enter visas information on certain itineraries during the online check-in check-in proces. Passengers under the age of 14 must be online escorted and check-in by a person over the age of 16.

Even after checking in online, you can still modify your reservations (other than the name of the flight) or buy extra benefits. check-in at the airports for a surcharge. Make your payment at the moment of posting. Please note that you can make your own changes to your air schedule at a later date. Check-in online from your point of origin is free of charge until the check-in is available.

Lists those where online check-in is not available and check-in is free of charge: Luggage check-in usually ends 40 min before the planned flight departs. The check-in counter at the international airfield may close sooner in some cases. Android, iPhone - free portable application to get you started! When you log in with the application, you have the following options:

Online check-in is available according to your seating choice: The check-in begins 2 hrs and ends 40 min before your flight depart. The check-in counter at the airports may close sooner in some cases. Should you have specific wishes, needs or journeys with pre-booked support, please check 2 hrs before the planned sailing hour to ensure that we can finalise the check-in process on a timely basis.

The following may not be brought on board the aeroplane or into secure areas of the aerodrome. They must be present at the pier at least 30 min before the planned flight embarkation or disembarkation date. Passengers must present the same paperwork they used for online check-in at check-in at check-in and at check-in at check-in at boarding gates.

Make sure you have all the necessary documentation such as your identity card and your visas. In case you are not sure which regulations apply to your trip, please check with your local representative before your trip. However, we cannot accept any liability if you are refused carriage because the necessary documentation is missing.

When traveling with an Infant, you must provide and provide the Infant's Bordkarte at the gates. After check-in and passing through the checkpoint, the information screen will show you which gates to go to. When you use check-in at the airports, your flight attendants may be able to give you information about which gates to go to.

Objects that you have bought after check-in and safety check can be taken on to the boat. No, you only need to have your flight card printed and presented when you are online. Should online check-in not be possible from your point of origin, you must go to the check-in counter and present only your valid ID (passport or ID card).

Passengers must present the same valid online check-in form at the airports. Once you have entered your ID number at check-in, you will not be able to use your identity card to go and the other way around. You do not need to fill in your journey data if you are traveling within the Schengen area.

Just fill out the online check-in process. Passengers must show their identity card or pass, but they are not obliged to provide any documents. The online check-in is possible from 30 to 3 working hour before the planned sailing date if you bought a place at the moment of your reservation.

If you have not bought a seat, check-in is possible 48 hrs before your scheduled date of travel. In the case of returns without bought tickets, the check-in for the returns route will be opened up to 15 workingdays before departure after the opening of your check-in. Online check-in is not available for some sites.

You can check in at the airports free of cost in these cases. check-in is open up to 48hrs prior to your scheduled check-in time if you have not allocated a seat on your returned aircraft. If you check in online, make sure you correctly fill in the details of your trip documentation.

Check-in to the check-in desk is chargeable, per person and per plane. A higher check-in rate is charged for the check-in services bought at the airports. Check-in to the nearest check-in point is free of cost until the check-in is available. Check in your instruments with the same documents you used for your own check-in.

When you are traveling with an toddler, you must also check it in with a printboard. check-in online as normal. Passengers traveling with luggage that needs to be check-in must go to check-in at least 40 min before your scheduled flights depart.

Be sure to have a paperboard, otherwise you will have to charge a check-in charge at the check-in area. Several check-in counters at the airports also act as luggage counters. - Head to the check-in counter at the check-in counter at the airports to obtain a label showing the changes on your current flight card.

When you want to modify the date, hour or itinerary of the trip for only some of the travelers in the reservation, you must call the Call Center for help. If you have altered your ticket or the passenger's name, please remember to check in again and print your Boarding Card again.

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