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As a rule, you can overpay or prepay your loan free of charge. Getting an interest-free loan There is no interest-free personal loan. But there are other easy ways to lend without interest. A number of interest-free loans are available on the open markets to help you lend your currency as conveniently as possible. We will show you four ways to get your hands on interest-free moneys.

We will also show you the possible traps (and fees) you should watch out for so that your "free" loan does not pull you further into the swamp. Incidentally, if you have compared personal credit transactions on-line, you will not have found these option. There are a number of checking balances that provide a 0% possibility of overdrafts.

This will depend on the type of bankroll you have chosen and your personal situation, but we usually speak of small deposits. E.g. there is an agreed £1,200 debit balance on Nationwide's FlexDirect bank accounts which does not charge interest or charge any commission for the first 12m. For the first four month there will be no charge for overdrafts, thereafter there will be a "usage fee" of 1 per cent per workday.

Alternatively, you can get an £500 debit from First Direct with his first account, the first of which is 250 pounds totally interest-free (with no maturity limit) - and it features large exchange discounts plus gifts and vacation coupons. Please note that the amount of the interest-free excess amount that will be proposed to you also depends on your soundness.

For how long is the money non-interest-bearing? Again, this will depend on the bank balance, but taking out a loan over a 0% overshoot is definitely not a long-term lending option. If you are not a college or college graduate, the vast majority of checking balances will only allow you an interest-free debit for the first few month (First Direct is the exception).

Thereafter you will be billed significant interest on your residual debit balances (or in some cases a set per diem fee) so you must ensure that you have settled your debts within the 0% deadline. It is very important that you do not go over your 0% maximum run over. If you do this, you will be pushed into an "unauthorized" overshoot - on which you may be subject to potentially prohibitive interest charges (typically 20-30% annual interest) and possibly user tolls.

Nevertheless, suppliers are beginning to eliminate unauthorized stall charges such as Lloyds Banking Group and Santander. Another major way to get a completely "free" loan is to take out a debit with 0% interest on new buys. Normally, a debit code indicates the amount of your loan before you submit your application.

Your proposed loan could, however, be much lower and (like an overdraft) dependent on your personal finances. For how long is the cash interest-free? Depending on the type of your payment method. The longest 0% offering currently comes from MBNA, which provides an interest-free 30-month subscription. There are five different suppliers offering 28-month, interest-free tickets.

If your 0% deals end, you will be billed a very high rate of interest on your outstanding balances (typically up to 20% annual interest) - so it is important that you clear your credit before this happens. When you have a surplus when your 0% transaction ends, you can try removing a 0% credit remittance slip (see below) and transferring the rest of your debt to it.

And if you already pay interest on a debit you could turn it into an interest-free loan by shifting it to a debit that offers 0% on equilibrium payments. Like a 0% new buy debit voucher, a 0% funds transferred debit voucher usually indicates what your max line is before you submit your application.

Nevertheless, the amount of your loan available largely varies depending on your solvency and your income. For how long is the money non-interest-bearing? Again, this varies depending on which map you use. Currently you can get 36 month with this Halifax Balance Transfers Visa. To find the latest best purchases, check out our Best 0% Balancing Transfers Best Buying Guidance.

Whilst you will be eliminating temporary interest on your debts, most of these maps are not completely free. An overwhelming proportion of Balanced Transfers debit card holders levy 1-3% of their entire debit to pay their funds (although there are some really free Balanced Transfers).

When you are ready to decide on a slightly lower 0% screen, you can select one of the few truly free of charge balance transfers. Currently, you can do this with this Santander Everyday 29-month pass without having to pay a cent in commission. Finally, keep in mind that if you do not succeed in repaying your debts during the 0% term, you will be burdened with large interest costs.

Otherwise you could end up with a penalty and a heavy interest on this big account! When you have an extravagant amount overdrawn that you want to withdraw, you can settle it with a 0% wire credit line. For how long is the currency non-interest-bearing? This top funds transaction cardholder provides an amazing 36 month interest free.

Have a look at the Tesco Bank Clubcard 36 Month Balance Credit Club Card-or take a look at our detailed guidelines on Geldtransfer-Karten. As with the remittance of credit, a prepayment for safeguarding the 0% interest is charged for cash remittance payment methods. It depends on which map you select, but is usually between 3% and 4%.

But the only true distinction between Balance Transfers and Cash Transfers is that with the latter you move funds from one major debit to another instead of moving a loan from one major debit to another. PayPal could be a good choice if you need cash today.

Applications are made on-line and a PayPal bank line is set for your PayPal balance, usually the same date, which can be used for on-line shopping at merchants who agree to use PayPal. But to make it interest-free you have to spent over 150 in a pound in a simple operation. You will then receive 4 months without interest to settle your debts.

It is important to settle your debts within this period because the normal interest rate is as costly as an outdraft. It is not available for people with bad financial standing: we have added alternative options to our guidelines. 118 118 118Money offers a no interest rate charged debit cards; instead you are paying a flat rate charge that starts at 8 per cent per annum and rises to 17. 118 118 118Money has no further charge and is available to those with low ratings.

Unfortunately because of the low borrowing limit - you are starting on 250 and can go up to 1,200 - it is a disproportionately costly way to lend, with interest rate effectively at 34. 5% min. This is higher than with many other major payment methods. Click here to find out more about the 118 118 118 cash flow statement.

When you need a low interest redemption schedule that will last longer, a low interest line could be a better option for you. As an alternative, if you need to lend a large amount of cash, you can get a cheap personal loan.

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