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Kaplan's higher score guarantee. High GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, LSAT Score or Your Return Funds We at Kaplan believe that everything begins with your trust in our test preparation program. That is why we provide the most extensive warranty in the industry: When you are not willing to take the examination, you can learn again for free with us. And if you are not happy with your points - no difference how many points you are improving - you can learn again for free with us.

And if you don't do better, you can learn again for free with us or get your moneys back. Stage 1: You are a Kaplan intern for the first consecutive year and are enrolled in an HSG-compliant program that has been fully funded. Stage 2: You set a basic score, pass this program and take the formal test the next one.

Stage 3: Within three month of completion of this program, you will tell us your score and whether you would like to review the same program for free OR if you did not score better in the test, you will want your cash back. MY COURSE SUITABLE?

If you have bought additional items or they came as part of a bundle, please be aware that only the Tier 1 course (as outlined below) is considered for participation. that is what is required to close the program? Attend all planned lessons (and possibly no more than two lessons for missing lessons), attend all planned exercise exams and exercise kits, do the necessary assignments (online and in your course book) for your program BEFORE the course expires or the examination date, whichever comes first.

In the case of bought tuition packs (if the pupil has not chosen to use or participate in the grade option), the pupil must use at least 15 tuition lessons in preparation for the postgraduate examination or 20 tuition lessons in preparation for the pre-academy of the whole tuition pack to "complete" the tuition under warranty. Students must take the formal exam on the next administrative day after completing the Kaplan programs, usually 30 business days after your end of study year.

The expiry date of the program for SAT, ACT, or SSAT is the next time the standardized test is administered after your last course. I' M SURE KAPLAN DOESN'T THINK I DID BETTER? Before the Kaplan program begins, you must set a base score by submitting your last formal score from the test admin for the test you are currently working on or, if you have never taken the test before, a Kaplan diagnosis.

Kaplan Diagnostics allows you to perform a Kaplan diagnosis for certain programs on-line and under your own selected circumstances. Comparing your base value for the composites with your overall score on the test date. WHAT CAN I DECIDE TO REPEAT A PROGRAM? If you are not willing to take the formal test, or if you have taken the formal test and are not happy with your results, please send an e-mail to after finishing your program to

For the same program, we will again charge you (once) for the next test administrator (via the next two test screens for MCAT or 3 more month for other computer-based tests). Please note that you must call us within three month of finishing your program to get qualified.

WHEN YOU DECIDE TO REPEAT, YOU HAVE NO CLAIM TO THE MONEY-BACK OPTIONS. In order to be eligible, you must have fully funded Kaplan and have not scored better at the next formal exam after the program is completed. Send an e-mail to within three month of the end of your program to

Accompanying all reimbursement requests is an offical Post-Kaplan-Score report. Any course material must also be surrendered with reference to the Higher Score Guarantee claim. Kaplan will reimburse you for all study dues without postage, administration and administration charges (10%). WHEN YOU DECIDE TO GET YOUR FUNDS BACK, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THE REPEAT CHOICE.

WHAT DOES THE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE FOR TUTORWARE WORK LIKE? Just tutorial packs of 20hrs or more for SAT, ACT, or SSAT, and tutorial packs of 15hrs or more for examinations to accept graduates qualify for the Higher Score Guarantee. You can buy extra lessons at a reduced price of 75/hour up to the number of lessons in your initial lesson pack or 24-hour ( whichever is less) if you finish the program and decide to retake the lesson pack because you are not willing to take the test, or if you take the test but are not satisfied with the score.

Once you have completed the program, taken the test and your overall score on the test date is no better than your initial score, you will be entitled to a refund of your funds (excluding any postage or booking fees).

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