Free Transunion Credit Report no Credit Card

Complimentary Transunion credit report without credit card

Identify Equifax Online Infringement: Find out if you are one of the 145.5 million affected users. Updated: Equifax released on October 2 that a further 2. US citizens may have been affected by the 5 million US consumer case of mass privacy violation first reported on September 7. Equifax said the firm responsible for the predictive analytics of the attack has reworked the figure, raising the number of potentially affected users to 145.

Ecuifax has hosted a website where you can verify that your information has not been hacked. TrustedID Premier provides free credit surveillance through the company, and most analysts suggest that if you believe that your information has been jeopardized, you should introduce a credit block at all three large credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion).

Equifax, the credit bureau, today announced that unauthorised data breaches by up to 143 million US citizens - more than one-third of the country's total populace - have resulted in the unauthorised disclosure of information by a hacker. Equifax reports that the infringement took place around mid-May to July this year, taking advantage of a weakness in a website use. Whilst it was primarily a US cyberattack, Equifax also said that "limited personally identifiable information" was being exploited by some UK citizens, with further detail on non-US user usage to be disclosed.

Says the firm learned of the violation on July 29 and took action to stop the leaking and perform a criminal investigation. Some of the information stole included customer name, social security numbers, date of birth, address and some driver's licence numbers. The Equifax says that approximately 209,000 US citizens also contained their credit card information, and approximately 182,000 had access to disputes.

The Equifax system sends messages to these people. Although this is an extremely disturbing violation, Equifax alleges that it has found "no proof of unauthorised activity" in the company's main retail or credit report database. However, the information we stole is very fragile. The Equifax website is designed to help clients determine whether their information has been compromised and, if so, what action they can take to safeguard their identities.

Regardless of whether your data has been compromised or not, Equifax offers its customers free registration to the TrustedID Premier programme. There seems to be a waitlist for this credit files surveillance and ID hijacking tool; we were given a registration date of September 13th and said to go back to this page.

After the violation, it is important to beware of unsuspicious e-mails, especially those that allegedly originate from Equifax or other government agencies. It is also a good suggestion to modify your password and keep an an eye on your credit card and banking account. It is also possible to supervise your credit with the other two large US credit agencies Experian and TransUnion.

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