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The freedom to stream with AT&T's Unlimited Data Plans. June 150th Anniversary Celebration Financial Freedom Fair Presented by Rich Dad Education

Our premonition is that the 13th of June should be a period of formation, self-improvement, gratitude and, of course, joyful celebrations. Our aim is to enable human beings to achieve freedom in their finance with the help of the information they gain at the conference. Built on the lessons of Robert Kiyosaki, businessman, inventor, educator leader and creator of the best-selling revolution Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Dad provides world-class educational, product and service programs to help our learners take charge of their future financials, get away from the rats and join the finance community on the rapid road to victory.

Rich Dad Education provides an cutting-edge educational curriculum that delivers skill and expertise in the areas of property investment, equity, bond investment, entrepreneurial and individual finances through a variety of different learning pathways including residential classes, on-line learning, coaching, mentoring programmes and multimedia tools. Richard Dad Education, K104, Smooth R&B 105.7, Texas Health - Harris Methodist Hospital, Carter BloodCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Texas, UNT Health Science Center, Hour Movement, Rodeo Dental, Tarrant Regional Water District, The Ethel Ransom Humanitarian & Cultural Club.

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Whilst I was very happy with the interactions and communications with our Reverse Mortgage Professional Mark Pierce, the opposite was true when the California based Credit Processing started. Eventually, I just retired from communicating with the credit adjuster and asked Mark Pierce to fill in as an agent, which he did kindly and professional and also involved senior management in the trial.

As soon as the AAG reviews the formation to tackle these and similar topics, the entire learning becomes highly professionally, thoroughly communicates and a boon to those who remain! It was a straightforward and comfortable procedure from the first registration to the completion (both at my counter). This is a beautiful programme that gives many senior citizens the freedom to stay in their houses without having to pay for it.

The four grown-up kids of mine helped me decide on a home equity mortgage and were as excited about the AAG as I was. Hello Maureen, it's nice to know that you and your loved ones were amazed by the AAG every stage of the way. Hello Steven, we are delighted to announce that we have surpassed your expectation and that our staff has been so supportive along the way.

I worked with an operative who was holding my hands throughout the whole trial, but I am deeply dissapointed with what went on after graduation. Call us at (866) 948-0003 or send an e-mail to so that our CARES team can help you resolve this issue. I' d NEVER AAG Reverse Mortgage anyone.

Well, my whole life has been a complete bad dream. As soon as a individual begins the trial, they begin to understand how to proceed, that there will be a lot of information that they will not tell you at the beginning. Hello Robert, we appreciate your feedback and welcome you to call our CARES team at (866) 948-0003 to review your experiences.

The AAG is recommended. Everyone was courteous, professionally and simple to use. If you have all the answers and everything you need, the reverse financing will run smoothly and quickly. During research on reverse mortgage lending I spotted the American Asvisors Group and how they try to monopolise everything with different brand names like reverse mortgage experts and other web sites.

Hello Wayne, all your input is important to American Advisors Group and we are pleased that you are taking the opportunity to discuss your experiences. Welcome to our CARES team at (866) 948-0003 so that we can work towards a solution. WE WERE FRUSTRATED WITH THE PROCESS EVERY SINGLE TIMES WE THOUGHT WE SENT ANY PAPERS THAT WERE REQUIRED, WE WOULD SPEAK TO SOMEONE ELSE AND THEY WOULD WANT A DIFFERENT TYPE OF ONE, IT WAS MORE THAN A FEW TIMES.

Reverse mortgage lending was primarily carried out to ensure that real estate tax and householders' liability insurances were covered. It was almost so fast that it made me anxious, but I still have the feeling that he was treated very thoroughly and professional. It' s great to know that the procedure was thorough and professional and that your reverse mortgage loans contributed to eliminating the concern for your souls.

We had a very good CPU, but the whole thing was too long and very hectic. Remember that we are genuine human beings who need this credit, otherwise we would not even have requested it. Hello Roy, we truly apologise that your experiences did not live up to our expectation. Call our CARES team at (866) 948-0003 or send an e-mail to so that we can help you resolve this issue.

All the reverse mortgage experiences were actually very entertaining. Even though AAG switched my contacts during the last phases of the trial, everything went smoothly. The credit advisor was very competent and was able to answer all your queries. There have been some difficulties, such as typographic mistakes and a mistake in the maturation of the HEQ credit line for the second lien, which has delayed the pace, but the end outcome is that we have done the job and are fully content.

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