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Jubilee Finance's expertise is in raising capital for every phase of the real estate manager. Housing loan for the strange and the miraculous BANKEN and Bausparkassen apply stringent yardsticks when it comes to determining whether they want to grant you a loan. A lot of those who plan to stay in a skyscraper or apartment above a store can readily violate the usual credit rules. But even if your house of dreams is a former South Downs fallout shelter, there is no reason to give up without a war.

The following example shows that it is possible to finance almost all real estate if you know how to deal with it. When you are rejected by a lender, you do not expect the real estate to be unpleasable. Various creditors are willing to take different types of risk. You will know which creditors are likely to be compassionate in each individual case.

ark Harris of Saville Private Finance, the banker, says: "It's all about the present. Households can go to their home office and be dismissed shallowly, but a realtor can speak to more executives and present more information to convince them to take the risks. But once they agree to loan the cash, they will generally provide you with easy entry to their entire array of mortgages so that you are unlikely to have to foot the bill for charged interest charges.

Once the home you want was initially constructed for a different use, you may find it difficult to find a home loan. Less bankers will be willing to borrow funds for more extraordinary objects such as beacons, off-shore fort or subterranean bunker where the situation is clearly a problem. As Harris says, "It's about convincing a creditor to take such a risk.

" It strengthens your hands when the real estate is already occupied and has been purchased and resold in the past. As it has been used as a dwelling house for longer, the less concerned the creditor will be. This is why some bausparkassen and bausparkassen will be releasing cash in instalments and asking the borrowers to obtain a new rating every times a shot of funds is to be cleared to make sure that the value of the real estate matches the value of the mortgages.

Among those willing to make promotions for self-build properties are to be found among those who are willing to do so, namely Britannia and Skipton. "The majority of creditors in the main streets are roundly refusing to grant a loan for a swimming house, regardless of whether it is permanent or free to tour the sewerway. There is a £5,000 loan requirement and a 20 per cent down payment is required.

Once the vessel is able to move, the max loan is 12 years. And Harris says, "The prices are not low. No matter whether you are intending to stay in a Tudor villa, a Georgia patio or a heritage "carbuncle" from the 1960' s, mortgages can be more difficult to set up. As Harris says, "The fact that the building is classified is not a biggie.

The only thing is that many landmarked buildings are strictly restricted. The majority of financial institutions and bausparkassen are hesitant to lease real estate in units of more than six floors. Creditors see housing cheaper in more contemporary skyscrapers, such as the London Docklands, as well as in those that have been renovated and modernized and are mostly owned by individuals.

"It'?s about re-sale opportunity again," says Harris. "The lenders will obviously be luckier with a bloc in the best position with a 24-hour safety man and entrance to a swimming pool od fitness studio than with one in the midst of a troubled area. "There must be nothing out of the ordinary about your apartment except that it is above a store or eatery.

" Based on this, it will be much simpler to get a home loan from a bookstore than from a take-away, laundry, pub, restaurants or bookmakers. Prepare to be rejected by the first few creditors you turn to. "Somebody, somewhere you'll probably borrow money," says Boulger. "Once we set up a subprime for an apartment above a club.

There were a few more telephone conversations than usually, but the landlord ended up with the payment of regular interest on the loan. "Some home loan applications are very odd. Savills was asked to grant a loan on a loudspeaker at the Royal Albert Hall. As Harris says, "People can hedge against a wide range of asset exposures to the mortgages.

As long as a creditor thinks that the assets will keep their value over the term of the loan, you are still with a break. "In essence, a hypothecary on a stall in the Royal Albert Hall is not very different from a buy-to-lease hypothecary, says Harris.

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