Get a copy of my Credit Report

Receive a copy of my credit report

Obtain your all-in-one credit report from Check My File. In order to determine whether your refused application is caused by something in your credit report, you can obtain a copy by contacting a credit bureau. Access request for patients (DSAR) A number of possible grounds exist for rejecting your resume, among them: In order to determine whether your refused request is due to something in your credit report, you can obtain a copy by turning to a credit bureau. The Cifas is not a credit bureau. You can find out more on our page What is Cifas?


In order to find out if you have been included in our data base, you must submit a request for access to the data subject - it will not appear in your credit report. In order to verify that you are registering with us as a scam vendor, you should review your credit report and not submit an access request.

Contact one of the major credit bureaus; your report will include Cifas' Opfermarker' and many other useful information that will help you determine if a scammer is trying to use your name. They will both appear on the credit report. Within the framework of data protection legislation, you have the right to ask for a copy of the data stored about you by Cifas.

In order to help us find information that we have stored about you, we need your full name, date of birth, your last 6-year mailing list, and your personal information such as your home phone number, cell phone number, and e-mail adress. In case you do not have this evidence, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to review alternate choices.

It may also be simpler to use our downloaded data subjects account login forms. It is our legal obligation to answer your enquiry within one month of receipt of a fully filled out enquiry but we will endeavour to answer within a short period of time if possible. Information that you give us as part of your query for accessing the topic will only be used to answer your query, including verification of your identity and any questions you may have following our answer.

When we need more information from you to help us find the information we process about you, we will notify you using the information you have provided. When you agree with your complaints, you can delete the listing and it will be removed from our system. Think about it in your e-mail or your complaints to her: "I'm sorry.

  • Ask that the case be formalized as a grievance; - State exactly what you are grieving about, stating the reasons why you think the Cifas alert is unjustified; - Add a copy of all supporting documentation and mail you have obtained; - Keep a copy of all your mail from that point.

Brief statement as to why you consider the Cifas alert to be unjustified. If our inquiry shows that the notification was accurate but you still wish to contest the case, the next stage is to go to the appropriate regulatory authority or the sectoral grievance system. Should you still not be sure where to begin, please submit your grievance or inquiry to our Consumer Affairs team and we will be happy to assist you.

If you contact us, always give your name, your actual postal code and the complete information about your request.

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