Get a Loan with Bad Credit History

Obtain A Loan With Bad Credit History

As an alternative, if you have a poor credit rating, you may have missed repayments in the past, or even have a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or bankruptcy against your name. Bad credit loans are loan products that are created specifically for people with a bad or negative credit history. A bad credit balance does not mean that you cannot get car finance (or a loan for a vehicle such as a van or motorcycle). Request a loan today. Request a loan today.

Lone mother with poor credit rating applied for guarantor loan

Our main topic in this blogs is Tilly, a lone mother with a well-paid part-time career, a little supportive lass and a bad credit history due to credit history gaps. Like many other youngsters, Tilly had a cheerful young life with very little personal responsibilities.

Tilly had made it to university and received a good training, although she was not the best with her own financial situation. She had had several opportunities to check her settled bank draft and a number of other instances in which she had been in arrears with the repayment of credit cards.

However, the effects of her past individual maladministration had not been a big problem in her lifetime as she had been living with her long-time spouse who had a good career and an even better creditworthiness. Unfortunately Tilly was separated one year after the birth of her daugther and spouse and left Tilly for the first full year of her adulthood, having assumed responsibility for herself and her little one.

Just as with emergencies, they do not occur at a favorable moment for most individuals, and Tilly had a number of smaller debt amounts that she tried to pay back at the arranged dates. She panicked and talked to her mother and father and told them about the whole thing. After a few moments, they filled out the easy on-line request for an uncovered private loan.

Sadly for Billy, despite fulfilling the eligibility requirements, the request was rejected due to her poor credit history. However, she could still apply for a guarantee loan, provided she could find someone to act as surety. Immediately she asked her mother if she and her father would be her sponsors.

Fortunately for Tilly her parent consented to act as surety for the loan and 48 hours later the loan was on the guarantor's bankroll so that it could then be carried over to Tilly. Since then Tilly has repaid its debts and eliminated all immediate doubts and repaid the loan at the terms and conditions stipulated.

It still has a year before it pays out the full loan amount plus interest, but for the first year in its existence it is well on the way to achieving greater fiscal sustainability.

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