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It also recommends customers to monitor their scores as It is often worth obtaining a copy of your credit report from all three major rating agencies if you have not applied for it beforehand or if you have not reviewed it for some time. In order to take care of your creditworthiness, it is important to get a complete picture of your finances. In the United Kingdom there are 3 important credit agencies: When you were hoping to get a final answer, we need to let you know that it's more complicated than that.

Creditworthiness advice

All of us are given explanations that we should check our creditworthiness on a regular basis and we should obtain our latest credit reports. In order to help you better comprehend them, we take a look at their creditworthiness and what they are all about. First, let's begin by destroying some beloved credit scoring myths:

Okay, so maybe not help you get credit scores, but we have your credit scores, so keep your eyes open and let us tell you a little more. In the United Kingdom there are 3 important credit agencies: Equifax, Experian and Callcredit, and all of them will give you a different number for your credit rating.

Call Credit gives you a 710, Equifax up to 600 and Experian up to 999. Thus, it is easily recognizable how these results can become more than a little bit bewildering. You have one (or three) of these scores, but wonder how exactly they developed your music.

Well, generally, every agent trusts in the information they have courtesyly been sent by the creditors who keep them on record and keep them up to date whenever a creditor comes into contact. This is one of the problems with the credit ratings of the rating agency - they are based on imperfect information. But not all creditors will be able to submit your credit information to the credit rating agency, or they can submit it to some of them, but not all.

It is important to know that a creditor takes more than just your credit rating(s) into consideration when determining whether or not you are right for a credit or credit contract. Creditors consider your candidacy on the basis of three key factors: Information in your credit record that may vary from agent to agent - not a soul has the full image.

Therefore, your creditworthiness is only an indicator of how good or how poor you are at your own risks, and part of the lender's overall assessment. So should I just disregard the scores? Their creditworthiness gives you a broad picture of your overall credit history and it is useful to show you how good you look in the eye of your creditors, more or less.

It is also always a good idea to check your credit record from time to time to make sure there are no errors. Incorrect information in your record can impair your borrowability. Should you find an error, contact the credit bureau as soon as possible to have it rectified.

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