Get Cash Advance Loan

Receive Cash Advance Loans

Using a payday advance or loan, you can quickly get money payday loan kansas easily. What's the point of waiting? Start selling with and get money today!

Get up to 50% of the minimum in advance while the item is being auctioned. Do not ask for a reduction of the sales prices. Start selling with and get cash today! Now, get yourself a cash advance. Immediately get a significant part of your anticipated sales revenue, even if the sales are not planned for a few week or month.

Sale your property through your favorite online retailer at the right price at the right time. It'?s your property and we only calculate interest and charges on our loan. A lump -sum interest of 1.50% per annum per annum is paid on the loan amount. We have a minimal commission for three moths, i.e. you are charged an interest of 4.5% of the loan amount if the article is purchased at any given moment within three moths and a handling commission of 1.5%.

In the event that the article is purchased after three moths, you will be charged interest on the effective number of pending business day loan of 1.50% per calendar months. When you sell an article through our affiliate auctions, all you need to do is ask us to provide you with detailed information about the article you are currently in.

You will be asked to please registrate with us on-line and we will mail you the loan documentation for signature using our straightforward digital procedure. A loan that is paid out in mins. Our company does not carry out solvency checks and does not notify non-refunds. It is a very straightforward procedure from the moment the sales are commissioned to the loan.

As soon as you have selected one of our affiliate sellers to yourselves to sell your property and have approved the sales prices estimate, the completion of the loan is just a question of signature of the sales order and loan deeds. You can choose to pay back the loan for the advance on sales and reverse the sales note if the articles do not match the minimum bid and you do not want to underbid.

Alternatively, we will offer it for resale with a lower reserves in a further disposal. It is our right to determine the minimum bid and the lot to be auctioned for all these follow-ups. You have no indebtedness to you personally for the advance loan selling. While we will try to determine the minimum asking level so that we can reclaim the credit fees, if the item is sold for less than the credit fees, the losses will be covered by our creditors.

Interest does not accrue each month, but the entire amount is subtracted from the sales revenue when the asset is disposed of. Objects are kept by our trading partners as collateral until they are put up for purchase. Objects are fully covered by the affiliate company while they are waiting to be purchased.

Is it possible to modify my opinion about the sales? If you wish, you can pay back the loan amount together with the interest due and revoke the sales order at any point. They are also obliged to reimburse any costs already accrued by the auctions operator during the preparation of your property for selling.

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