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Revised Puerto Rico payment notification forms for terminated employees, considering ban on creditworthiness

Puerto Rico's Ministry of Finance has promised changes in fiscal accounting for certain termination benefits. Under the Transformation and Flexibility of Work Act 2017 (Act 4-2017), certain restricted benefits paid by an employers to an individual worker as a consequence of segregation of labour are considered "exempt income" under the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code.

They are not liable to Puerto Rico personal taxes, but the company must report the payment to the worker and the Ministry of Finance in an information declaration. In 2017, the Ministry of Finance requested that for the 2017 fiscal year, employees must use the 480.6D non-deductible earnings exemption to report these amounts.

The Treasury Department in Internal Revenue Information Bulletin 18-18 of 30 October 2018 on retention plans and informational yields published changes to Schedule 499R-2/W-2PR (the Puerto Rico W-2 template equivalent), announcing a new Box 16 for exempt salaries. In accordance with the notice, employee severance pay must be indicated in Box 16B with the appropriate identification number.

Furthermore, such a report shall be prepared by 31 January 2019. Non-timely notification may lead to sanctions. Advice should be provided by the employer to his taxation experts to secure due fiscal disclosure of employee benefits as a consequence of terminating or settling a claim related to terminating work.

In the Senate of Puerto Rico, a bill has been tabled prohibiting the use of creditworthiness by the employer in making job choices. Senate Act 1134 (SB 1134), if passed, would forbid an employer from denying to recruit, dismiss or otherwise discriminate against an individual worker or candidate because of the information included in a credit report.

SB 1134 excludes executive functions, those for which credit information is mandatory by statute, and those that involve trustee responsibilities to the employers. But before the employers apply for credit information for existing or potential workers who may be exempted, they must inform the worker in written form of their will.

SB 1134, which was launched on 30 October 2018, was submitted to the Government Commission for assessment and recommendations.

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