Get Experian Credit Score

Receive Experian Credit Score

Darren Beach of Experian Experts explains: If you are hoping to take a credit card, a loan or a large down payment on an item, you will want to know that your credit rating is intact. In my opinion, creditworthiness is quite useless. Firstly, the score you get from Experian is not a FICO score.

Expert Introduces Experian Credit 3-D for Informative Credit Ratings - FinTech Future

A new line of credit rating tools for creditors, Experian Credit 3D, has been launched by Experian. It provides a multidimensional perspective on the physical condition of a creditor, rather than the credit information of a user at a particular point in his life. It is the aim of the company to provide "a more detailed and predictable look at a consumer's pay patterns".

Companies will be able to mix and match rent, utility, local rate, real estate and wireless information to give an overview of forward looking behavior and affordable pricing. It says that turning away from conventional venture ratings by supplementing them with a focus on granular consumption behavior over the course of evaluating the application is particularly useful in making choices that are currently marginal.

Alternate non-credit information, up to and include subscription and utility information, may assist the authorization of consumer claims with "thin" credit histories. Experian, FICO and Finicity recently teamed up to produce a new kind of score called UltraFICO Score.

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