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We have all heard of credit card reward programs that give you free air travel, free supermarket shopping or free money in the case of cashback. Eleven of the oddest reward for the expenses on your credit cards. We have all seen credit cards award schemes that give you free flights, free groceries at the grocery store or free cash in case of cash back. However, what many of you may have failed to notice is that the credit cards room for credit can be much, much stranger. You have 386,000,000,000 worth of bonus points laying around?

Plus, shipping is priced in, although we're not sure if you'd know if you're wealthy enough to get your hands on one of them. In CitibankĀ¹s Thank You Rewards schema, for just 2,200 points, this practical (and fashionable) "turd bag" donor could be yours to distribute turd pouches on the go.

City Bank - here to make sure you never drop a shit behind. Citibank Thank You Rewards is also committed to us in this respect by providing its clients with a curious kind of customer experience. And for those who aren't satisfied with just traveling from place to place with their points, Virgin offers the option of traveling directly up with Virgin Galactic.

You can enter a drawing for 2,000,000,000 points (that's right, a drawing) where you have the opportunity to win a place on Galactis first ever suborbital business jetliner. Well, 2,000,000,000 points for just a shot at a treat... But hey, what a treat. Virgin Limited Edition provides a selection of vacation homes for those of you earning seven digit points, among them Richard Branson's own home for a not excessive 1,000,000,000 Flying Club points.

Normally, in actual dollars, a seven-day vacation for two would be more than $28,000, but with Virgin's incentive program, the big donors among you can get it for free. When you are the kind of someone who loves being in the ocean instead of lying next to it, this might be a treat for you.

It' Citibank again and this year, for the lowest 1,100 points, they offer you your very own pair of pixel, placed to look like a horses. Apparently, if you place it next to another such animal in the play, there is a possibility that it will make another animal - a third one.

You will need to make over $60,000 in credit cart shopping to be able to afford it.

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