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Condoms are available for free at a number of points of sale throughout Surrey. Put on condom card GIO (Get it On) is the system that distributes your coffee through Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton. When you are under 25, you can get free of charge free of charge from many different organizations. The GIO card (C-Card) is a wallet-sized two-sided card that looks like this: Consider your GIO C-Card as a customer card that gives you free travel to Get It On events.

The only thing you need to do is show your GIO C-Card at a GIO location and get free travel cards. Your GIO C-Card must be seen so that we know that you have talked to a skilled employee. This can be done 12x before your card expires, then you will get a new card.

Where can I get a GIO C-Card? At a GIO C-Card venue*, you will need to attend a GIO C-Card meeting where a skilled employee will talk to you in confidence. As soon as this is done, you will receive your GIO C-Card and some free travel cards. Then you can use your GIO C-Card at any GIO location.

Please be aware that you cannot get your GIO C-Card in a pharmacy, but it can give you a condom if you have your GIO C-Card. How can I get or use my GIO C-Card? Wherever you see the Get It On emblem, you can use your GIO C-Card. Locate the closest Get it On location in Hampshire.

Locate the closest Get it On location in Southampton City. Locate the closest Get it On location in Portsmouth City. The condom is a great way to get the best out of your condom. There are many different makes of available and they all differ slightly in terms of their sizes.

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C-Card? What's a C-Card? Get it On Card is a free and trusted sales channel for young Surrey users between the ages of 13 and 24. Provide frequent, simple and trustworthy acces to women's contraceptives, information on contraceptives and sex life, as well as guidance on sex life in existing facilities such as child care centers or universities.

Locate the closest C-Card store. Now you can get free of charge at a number of points of sale throughout Surrey. An adolescent signs up with a skilled specialist for a C-Card, after registration you will get a C-Card, which gives you frequent, simple and free condom entry to any branch with the C-Card label.

Use your C-Card to go to any Open access store to get extra free travel cards. You can use your card up to ten different uses, at which point you will need to quickly re-register/check it. You will have a brief overview of your registry point after 10 sessions - giving you the opportunity to ask a question or find out about other sex care providers.

When you work with or assist young adults 13-24 years of age, the Outreach team works with experts across Surrey and offers free trainings and ressources to help a condom distribution program partner. When you are over 25 years old and live in Surrey, you can get a small selection of a condom from one of our sex and contraception centres, please visit to find the closest one.

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