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Good credit can help you get a home, a car and a date. Most online dating agencies would rather have a good credit rating than a beautiful one. Good creditworthiness is seen as a symbol of accountability, reliability and intellect. The search for a financial accountable affiliate is more important than a physical one, and more importantly another, according to a recent poll.

According to a nationwide survey of 2,000 US adult learners conducted by Discover and Match Media Group, a good credit rating can help you build a good business with them. 58% of online sellers find a good credit rating more appealing than a beautiful one. Fifty percent of respondents preferred a good credit-worthy spouse over an impressing professional designation, and 40 percent had credit-worthiness over a fitter physical being.

Unfortunately, jobs and photographs may have to do for now - 69% of those interviewed also said they would get sick if they reported their credit rating through a dating application. Thus, the figures for figures for conventional feature dateers were exceeded, who pay attention to a feeling of humour and appeal that 67% and 51% of those questioned consider important.

It is more important to have greater responsibilities for those who find a mate than for men. Asked about the personal characteristics of someone with a good credit rating, 73% of those surveyed imagined themselves to be a responsable individual, 40% believed that they were worthy of trust and 38% thought that credit rating was similar to intellect. "Talking about cash, your credit rating can talk more about who you are as a individual, and single people generally say those with good credit ratings are diligent and reliable," says Dr. Helen Fisher, CSO.

Repairing a bad credit rating is simpler than it may sound - and it doesn't take long for you to increase your number. Punctual payment is the first stage in increasing your score. It' also important to keep paying more than the monthly credit limit on your credit cards.

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